Healthy Fruit Lollies

Healthy fruit lollies??

Yes, and these are amazing for kids!!!

Remember my recipe for rainbow fruit leather?

Healthy fruit lollies are the same concept only in a sucker shaped form!!

This post is going to be loaded with pictures because I took so many of my proud creation….so bare with me and all of my pictures!!

I started with red, orange and yellow colors for the suckers.

RED: 1 banana, 3 oz. raspberries, and 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside)

ORANGE: use 1/2 of the red mixture and 1/2 of the yellow mixture to form the orange color

YELLOW: 1 banana, 8 slices of frozen peaches (thawed), 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside) or 1 banana, 1 mango, 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside)

Working with 1 color at a time place the blended fruit puree into a sandwich baggie and snip off a very tiny corner piece.  Use this like a piping bag to pipe circles onto parchment paper, or a non stick surface placed onto a baking sheet.  Place sucker sticks into the center of the circles and cover with more puree.


do the same with each color…..

The orange looks like pink but once dehydrated it takes on a more orangish color.

Set your oven to the lowest setting…. around 170 and place your suckers in the oven and keep the door open to make the actual cooking temperature lower than 170…..these will dehydrate for 1-3 hours depending on how thick you make the suckers.  I even noticed that some dehydrated quicker than others so just keep checking on them.

Here is what they will look like in the end.  When they are finally dehydrated like a fruit leather they will be pliable.  Let them cool down and sit and soon they will harden to a more sucker consistency.

Remember the chalkboard art center I posted about awhile back?

I used this to hold the suckers!

Now, let’s move onto some more colors!!

GREEN: 1 banana, 1 handful of spinach, 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside)

BLUE: 1 banana, 3 oz. blueberries, 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside)

PURPLE: 1 banana, 3 oz. blackberries, 1 tbsp. agave (blend and place in bowl and set aside)

Place these in the oven and dehydrate.  The colors will change as they dry out.

These taste like fruit leathers and even though the colors are not as vibrant as a dyed sucker the novelty is the same!

I passed these out to my neighbors, my niece and nephew, and my own kids….they obviously could tell these were not real suckers just by looking at them but the idea of a sucker was all it took to make them all try it!  Plus, they all asked if they could have more!!

This could be a cute idea for Easter baskets too!!!

Would you make your own fruit lollies??
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34 thoughts on “Healthy Fruit Lollies

  1. Definitely making these this week for easter basket treats! I use Agave to sweeten things a lot, I am curious why it wouldn’t be good for you?

    • awesome!!! I bought my sticks at JoAnn’s with my 50% coupon and got them cheap!!!!
      There has been some controversy with agave lately…I have looked into it and have made the decision that we will still use it but not everyday and not in every recipe….we also sweeten with organic cane sugar, organic maple syrup, organic and raw honey, and stevia…so there are a lot of options!!

  2. these look amazing and definitely worth the effort…I would probably only make one color to start but I’m going to try this for sure! How do you store them and how long do they last?



    • I stored them in a ziploc bag and they were eaten before I could see how long they last…unlike regular suckers, my kids could throw down 5-6 of these at one time!! LOL

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  6. love it and made them yesterday. I made three flavours, blueberry+banana; raspberry+banana & peach+banana. I left them in the oven with door ajar for a good 3 hours and on the bench overnight but it doesn’t harden and a bit sticky. They are more of a gummy/ fruit leather consistency. Could it be the fruit that I used and I sub agave with honey too.
    but they are very yummy. thanks.

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  12. Are you able to use an actual dehydrator for this recipe or does it have to be in an oven? Thinking this would be a great part of a goody bag for the next birthday party!

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