Non Dairy Caramel Apples

Who doesn’t love a gooey, delicious caramel apple?

It’s one of those fall favorites that show up in grocery stores everywhere this time of year.

We have to avoid those little packaged treats…the caramel contains dairy not to mention some other not so wonderful ingredients…but they are also covered in nuts…something that would be a potential disaster in my house.

What is a mom to do??  Make my own caramel apples!  I solved the cider mill donut problem and now I am solving the caramel apple dilemma!

These turned out super yummy and very close in taste to a true caramel apple!!!

First start by soaking 1 cup of dates in water for about an hour.  Make sure to remove the pits!!  Also, soak 1/4 cups of raisins in some water.  Once the dates and raisins have soaked, drain the water and place them into a blender or food processor.

Add in 1 tbsp. of almond or coconut milk, 2 tbsp. Sunbutter or almond butter, a splash of vanilla, and a tiny pinch of sea salt.  Blend and blend and blend….this will take a few minutes…don’t expect it to get smooth right away.  You may even have to add a bit more coconut or almond milk.  Every few minutes turn off the blender and scrap down the sides.  Also, make sure your caramel isn’t too runny-it needs to be thick enough to spread onto the apples!

While you are waiting for the caramel mixture to turn creamy, place some popsicle sticks into your apples….perfect!

When the caramel is ready spread onto your apples!

Enjoy just like this or roll your caramel apple in some yummy toppings!!

Ground flax, dried coconut flakes, mini chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, or whatever toppings you can dream up!

I decided on salty sunflower seeds and dairy free mini chocolate chips!

What’s funny is that both of my kids refuse to eat raisins and dates…but they had no idea that is what the caramel was made out of!!!  They LOVED this treat!!!


P.S. This recipe was hubby approved as well!!!  I have picture proof but let’s just say I am keeping it for a future bribe…… 🙂

What would you roll your caramel apples in??

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22 thoughts on “Non Dairy Caramel Apples

  1. Oh my goodness how yummy! What an awesome way to sneak those raisins and dates in without them knowing. Will have to try these since they have better natural sugar instead of real sugar! I probably will roll them in nuts or sesame seeds.

  2. I’ve been using dates paste a lot lately as a sweetener too 🙂 I love how caramel like they taste and are sticky enough to stay anywhere! I just use the soaking water as well, because sometimes it looks too delicious to throw it away 🙂

  3. Yum! Look so good and my kiddo would have no problem snarfing that whole thing down. He loves raisins and I’m sure dates too, although, haven’t tried but yeah, he’d eat this. So would i!

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