Rainbow Fruit Cups

facebook-0153Hello everyone!!!  I wanted to offer a cute little idea to use with my “Taste the Rainbow” post below!!  This snack idea is perfect for Spring- so refreshing and colorful!!!   I made mine in individual cups for my 2 kids but you could also make this in a large glass trifle bowl to share with friends and family!!  Start with a clear container- mine is a disposable plastic cup (which I recycled!!)- but you could use a decorative sundae dish.  Then just layer up fruit in the colors of the rainbow!!!  For mine I used:

RED: strawberries

ORANGE: mandarins

YELLOW: mango


BLUE: blueberries

You could also top this with some banana slices to represent a cloud!!  The trick is to dice up the fruit so it lays flat, that way your layers aren’t so deep.  You could use any fruit in these cups, see my post below for a list of ideas!!!  ENJOY!!!

Check out my website!!  ColorWheelMeals.com


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Fruit Cups

    • My plan was to make these for my students in my class but I decided they wouldn’t stay that fresh for that long so I just made 2 of them and it ended up being so much we all ate from them!!! It was yummy!!! If Isaiah wasn’t allergic to cashews I would have made a cashew cream to top it off!!!

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