Homemade Almond Butter

Homemade almond butter…………..

and a lesson in patience………….

yes, a two for one post!

Almond butter is so delicious and it is even easy to make, however, it takes patience and a lot of it.

Are you ready? Here we go!

First, start with some raw almonds…..

I use 3 cups…………….

place them into a food processor

ready? Here comes the hard part…………..

turn your food processor on! Yep, that’s it!

Now, are you ready for your lesson in patience?

We all need to work on our character traits and this is a great activity to do so…I promise this will stretch you in the patience area!!

Here we go…………

1 minute of processing almonds…………

5 minutes of processing almonds…….

10 minutes of processing almonds……………

at this point you will start to have your lesson in patience…..

yes, I promise you will….

even I started questioning myself at this point even though I have made this before!

Here is what will go through your head:

maybe I did something wrong…..

maybe I should add some oil, it looks a little dry……..

maybe my food processor doesn’t work right……….

just keep blending, just keep blending (I am saying this in my Dory voice from the movie “Nemo”…..remember she said, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”?

15 minutes of processing almonds………….

at this point your food processor will start smoking……….it is starting to get hot…….the  friction of the almonds processing will cause steam to come out of your machine…..or it may be the motor….if that is the case then give your food processor a short break!


We have almond butter!

Oh, wait…..no we don’t………just keep blending, just keep blending……….

20 minutes of blending………look it is almost there!!  The oils are starting to be released from the almonds!  Keep blending!!!!!!  Patience my friend!!

LOOK!! We have a ball!!!  Are we done?????? NO!  Remember?! PATIENCE!

Keep blending!!!

Now, we have almond butter………….

At this point add in a sprinkle of sea salt, a dash of vanilla and a tablespoon of raw honey to flavor it, but you can keep it plain if you like.

Place into a nifty little container and label it ALMOND BUTTER….you deserve to have it in a fun little container with a cute little label, after all you did spend 25 minutes making this stuff!

Open the jar back up and take out a spoonful for your mouth!

So good!!!!

Now you have fresh homemade almond butter so make this recipe……..

Start with a tortilla….this is an Ezekial sprouted grain tortilla…..

spread almond butter on the tortilla, add sliced bananas, fresh raspberries, dried blueberries, and sprinkle with a few cacao nibs (or chocolate chips!)

you might call this dessert……………

I called it dinner…………

and you’re welcome for the lesson in patience!
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29 thoughts on “Homemade Almond Butter

  1. Thank you for the photo depictions! That helps tremendously! I’ve tried making almond butter in the past….and you’re so right about the patience! I’d give up or add oil! Good to know you have to just keep on blending! 🙂

      • It took a little longer to blend about 35min-but I only had about a cup in there-so I had to stop to scrape the sides and incorperate it all together. I took some of the sunbutter and the sunbutter cookies over to a friend who is allergic to peanuts and she said she really liked the cookies. She devoured them in about 5 min flat-lol:)

        P.S.-I made your recipe for kale chips-yummy-first time trying nutritional yeast-oh goodness-I just realized I forgot to mix in the Apple Cider Vinegar..lol boy my night was filled with little blunders..haha

      • Well, since I haven’t tried them with vinegar I am not sure about the taste. But they turned out just fine. I have cooked them in my oven on 350…but when I saw that lots of “raw” eaters tend to dehydrate them, I was worried that all the nutrients would be “cooked” out of them; and to me that would be a waste of energy and money. So this time I tried it in the dehydrator; I must say that they do taste a little different then when I cooked them in the oven. But they were still yummy:)

  2. I just made this tonight. I set the timer for 25 minutes and blended away. When it came time to add the honey, vanilla and salt, my almonds went back into a ball and I thought perhaps I had done something wrong but I kept on blending. Eventually (Probably another 10 minutes) and the almonds turned ooey gooey. I have a 5 year old that hates peanut butter. He won’t touch it, not even in a peanut butter cup! But he tried this almond butter and loved it! I’m so happy to have finally found a substitute for PB&J. Thanks!!

    • WOW! That is awesome!!! I am so happy you were able to get your 5 year old to eat it!!
      LOL-every time you make this you will question yourself if you did something wrong!!! LOL I do it every time!!!!

  3. I dont have a food processor and was thinking of getting a magic bullet? Do you have a suggestion of one? I need to puree baby food too!

    • I use a Vitamix blender and a regular food processor…I have a Magic Bullet but NEVER use it….I have seen this contraption and maybe this would work?/

  4. This is super helpful! Thank you! My husband and I got a Vitamix recently, and we had big plans to make all of our homemade almond butter dreams come true. But like you said, it looks so dry and almost floury for a while. Last time, my husband added oil, and then we thought we’d just stick to other nuts with more moisture. Now I know to just keep pushing through with the almonds! Thanks!

    • I am glad this is helpful!! It does seem like it needs oil for over half the time it processess!! The natural oils from the almonds must be released and it is just takes a lot of time for that to happen!! Good Luck!!

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