Hail Merry Snacks Review

Have you seen or heard about these Hail Merry snacks?  They are raw, vegan, gluten free, and contain no refined sugar.  I was lucky enough to receive 2 bags to try!

Macaroons-Blonde-Ingredients: Hand made with organic shredded coconut, organic expeller pressed coconut oil, pure maple syrup, organic Mexican vanilla and sea salt.

Macaroons-Choco-Hand made with organic shredded coconut, dark cocoa, organic expeller pressed coconut oil, pure maple syrup, organic Mexican vanilla and sea salt.

I have tried many healthy “treats” and I have never tasted one as delicious as the Choco Macaroons!!!  I am in HEAVEN!!!

It was shortly after dinner and I wanted something sweet so I opened up the blonde macaroons to taste them…..they were yummy….then I wanted to try the choco ones……and  I couldn’t believe how amazing these were!!  I felt as though I was eating a fudgy brownie or that I was cheating on my “no white sugar/flour”  phase I am going through!  I had to refrain from eating the whole bag!!!

You will NOT be disappointed if you try these snacks -they come highly recommended by ME!!!!!  🙂

Have you heard of Hail Merry Snacks?

Would you prefer the blonde or choco flavor?

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Review for Superfood Snacks

Have you ever heard of Superfood Snacks??

They were nice enough to send me 4 bags of samples for a review!!!

Here is what I received:

  • Green Chocolate Dream-these are made with

    Organic, Raw Unprocessed Chlorella, Raw Cacao, Goji Berries, Maca Root, Chia Seeds & More.

  • Chocolate Goji Treats-these are made with                                                            Raw Unprocessed Raw Chocolate, Maca root, Goji berries, Walnuts, Tasty Spices & More!
  • Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy-these are made with                                                     Pure Organic Raw Mangos, Incan berries, Brazil nuts, Maca root, Raw Cacao & More                                                                                                              
  • Chocolate Cherry Qi -these are made with

    Organic, Raw Chocolate Energy Fusion Of Cherries, Blue Green Algae, Pumpkin, Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao & More.  With The Superfood Powered Chocolate Cherry Qi

    As soon as I photographed the packages I ripped them open and began tasting each one!!!  They were so good!!!  Perfect to take along for a hike or in the car or to pack in your hubby’s lunch….which I did but it ended up being a mistake because then he fell in love with them too and wanted more!!  I had to share my stash!!!!  🙂
    Here is a little about the company!!
    We are a sustainable superfood company from the island of Kauai.  Our focus is on creating cutting edge organic products using raw ancient superfoods and specialty ingredients from around the world.  We source the highest quality organic & wildcrafted fair trade ingredients for all of our recipes.  We use a unique 5 element food combining based on ancient techniques to balance our recipes with all 5 tastes and deliver amazing healthy products for your whole family. 

    These are amazing snacks that contain a ton of nutrition-I highly recommend trying these for yourself and sharing the love!!!
    Find Superfood Snacks on facebook and receive a $9 coupon code when you sign up for their newsletter!!!  That’s one free package of snacks!!!  AWESOME!!!
    Have you ever tried these snacks??
    Which flavor sounds best to you??

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How to Make Healthy Frozen Treats!!

I recently won a copy of


through a giveaway hosted by


The book has beautiful photos and some really great ideas for Ice Pops too!!

After reading through the book I felt inspired to come up with some recipes of my own-which I am excited to share with you!!

SO, my first idea was to use some fresh squeezed orange juice…

once I had juiced 2-3 oranges I poured the juice into some small glasses that I had.

but only 1/3 of the way!!!

I then placed plastic wrap over the tops of the glasses and stuck a popsicle stick in each one-the plastic wrap will hold the stick straight until it freezes!!

Once the orange juice layer had froze

I added some coconut milk and returned these creations back to the freezer!!

Once the second layer had froze I added a third layer of orange juice and froze that as well….

The results???

Orange Creamsicles!!!!

My kids were excited to try these too!!

These were so easy and fun for the kids I decided to try out some more ideas floating around in my head!!!

My next idea was to make a creamy coconut chia bar….something my kids could really indulge in!!

I started with some coconut milk and added in some maple syrup, chia seeds, and dried coconut flakes.

Poured it into molds and placed them into the freezer!!


I also put coconut flakes on the top before I added the lids…I thought this would be a fun little added treat !!

I had so much fun making these that I have 2 more to share!!!

Next I decided to experiment with a 2 layer pop…

I started with some bananas, chia seeds and a little almond milk….I blended it up and poured half into some glasses.

Then I added raspberries to the remainder of the mix to turn it pink…

Another hit!!!

Next I decided to make a 3 layer pop!!!


For the first layer, I started with some non dairy yogurt (my son is allergic to dairy), I added in a small amount of maple syrup and some blueberries and froze.

For the next layer, I used non dairy yogurt, maple syrup and a banana and then froze.

The the third layer, I used non dairy yogurt, maple syrup, and strawberries and then froze.


These were so fun to make and my kids enjoyed them too!!!

Which one do you think your kids would like the best??

What are some other ideas that would make great healthy frozen treats??

I would love your feedback!!

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Sprout Living Review-Where Do You Get Your Protein???

I am always experimenting with different diets and ways of eating…..I am my own experiment!!

As I research and learn new things about foods I will add or take away food groups or supplements….always trying to be on top of the latest information and the healthiest way to eat.  However, I do believe that each person is unique and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.  I also believe that life is a journey and for me it is constantly changing including my diet!

I became a vegetarian almost 5 years ago and have even taken up vegan and raw vegan for periods of time….people are always asking me questions about how I eat and how I feed my family and it is a hard question to answer because it’s not a one answer kind of question….its an afternoon of explanations!!!  LOL

I do however always get the infamous question which I am sure some of you may also get….

“Where do you get your protein??”


did you know that plants (mostly greens) are very high in protein and that fruits also contain protein??

I usually never worry if I am getting enough…..but lately I have decided to increase my protein to a very high level in hopes of building some muscles!!  LOL

Instead of using meat as a protein source I use protein powders….although there are many to choose from I am rather picky!!!  Most of the protein powders available are filled with JUNK and contain things like whey and soy….which I stay away from!!!

So, I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to try SPROUT LIVING’S line of protein powders!!!

They sent me 4 full sized containers of their powders:

Chocolate Maca-Chocolate Maca contains 19 grams of high quality protein, zero grams of fat, sodium, and sugar.

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted and Bio-Fermented Whole Grain Brown Rice, Bali Cacao, Mesquite, Yacon.

Vanilla Lucuma-Vanilla Lucuma contains 19 grams of high quality protein, zero grams of fat, sodium, and 4 grams of sugar (from plant superfoods).

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Bio-Fermented Whole Grain Brown Rice, Lucuma, Whole Vanilla Bean, Yacon

OriginalJust one scoop (28 grams) of our powder contains 23 grams of very high-quality protein, zero grams of fat, no sodium, and no sugar

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic, Sprouted/Fermented Brown Rice Protein Powder.

Sproutein-combines the nutritional benefits of sprouts, hemp, fruit & vegetable superfoods. This potent formula supplies the body with a raw source of plant protein and nutrients essential for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Freshly Freeze Dried Sprout Powders (Sunflower Sprouts°, Amaranth Sprouts°, Millet Sprouts°, Kale Sprouts°, Quinoa Sprouts°, Mung Bean Sprouts°, Alfalfa Sprouts°), Hempseed Protein Powder°, Chia Sprout Powder°, Golden Pea Powder°, Goji Berry Powder°, Black Maca Root Powder°, Yacon Root Powder°, Lucuma Powder°

These products are amazing and I really LOVE the Chocolate Maca and Vanilla Lucuma…..these 2 flavors are so yummy and go great in my smoothies!!!

I have been making 2 a day using these protein powders and I feel amazing!!!

I add 2-4 scoops of one of the protein powders to my smoothies and it is a power packed



I can also sneak these powders into my kids smoothies without them even knowing and so that makes me feel great knowing they are receiving some quality protein!!!

Have you ever tried Sprout Living’s powders?

Do you use protein powders?

Where do you get your protein???

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Kaia Foods-Review

I love receiving packages in the mail filled with yummy goodies!!!

Recently Kaia Foods sent me a package of treats to try!!

Check out what they sent!!!

The Buckwheat Granola contained walnuts and my son has a severe walnut allergy so I sent that home with my dad who LOVES walnuts and chocolate so he really enjoyed this special treat!!!

I let my kids try the fruit leathers….

which they enjoyed…..

and I got to snack on the kale chips…..which I had lots of flavors to choose from….but my fave was the

Sea Salt and Vinegar….these made great car snacks for me!!!

The kale chips are different from other kale chips that I have had….its made from a kale powder rather than a whole leaf…which is a different from what I usually like to snack on….

These are my homemade cheezy kale chips…..mmmmm…..kale is just good to eat in any form!!!

Do you like kale?

Have you tried the Kaia snacks before??

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Pure Bars Review and Giveaway!!

I love doing reviews-they are so fun!!!

I love new products and I love finding great things to share with others-especially when it is good for you!!!

I had the opportunity to review PURE bars

I received an awesome box filled with 8 flavors to try!!!!!

My husband and I LOVE protein bars….they are great to carry in my purse and an easy snack to keep our hunger at bay between meals or sometimes as our meal!!!!  LOL

I am being super honest when I say these were really yummy bars!!!  My husband and I were fighting over them!!!

The chocolate flavors are hands down both of our favorites-but they were all very tasty!!!

 Pure Bars are made with simple, whole ingredients and are gluten-free and vegan!!!

Here is the list of ingredients in our fave bar:

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE PURE BAR INGREDIENTSOrganic dates, organic walnuts, organic agave nectar, organic almonds, organic cashews, organic brown rice protein, organic cocoa.

That’s all!

Also, another really cool thing is that they do facebook page and weekly twitter contests where they give away a free box of bars each week!

Another thing I love is that the fat grams aren’t outrageously high like some other bars I have had….most if not all only contain 8 grams of fat and the healthy kind at that…..

so….my husband and I ate the whole box…seriously….and we have been buying these bars since!!!

I  even hid 2 from my husband and he found them and ate them…..GEEZ…these go fast around here!!!


I have decided that I love them so much that I want to buy some (with my own $$$ )and prove it to ONE lucky reader!!!!

I am going to do a GIVEAWAY….YAY…these are so fun!!!

Here is how you can enter!!

Receive one entry for each item!!!!  YES, you can enter many times!!!

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Good Luck!!!  Winner will be randomly drawn on June 10!!!! Winner will be notified by email.

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Introducing my Latest Ebook: Mommy Menus

Well, here it is the cover to my latest Ebook-entitled

Mommy Menus

a compilation of kid menus submitted by health conscious moms

Yes, I said latest because I do have 2 other ebooks available

the first one entitled

Color Wheel Meals Recipe Manual

and the second is

30 Days of Green Smoothies

I am very excited to share my new Ebook with you.  This Ebook has taken several months to compile but I am very happy with how it turned out!!  For a busy mom of 2, I have had little time to work on it-and every chance I did I had 2 little ones hovering around!!  So, my 2 month deadline was extended to an 8 month deadline!!

So, what is this Ebook all about?

Photoon2010-12-20at1947-1Let me explain-
One of the things I do for my business is to
do demonstrations to groups of people about adding in more healthy foods into their lives.  I show how to make different recipes and then let everyone taste.  I have received so much great feedback and have heard wonderful stories of how moms are getting their kids to eat things like spinach and kale!!  One of the things though that so many moms asked over and over is, “What do you feed your children for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” These moms wanted meal ideas for their kids.  I planned on putting together a recipe/menu book, but then thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there were a whole bunch of different ideas, recipes, and inspiration from many different moms?” And then I had an idea………….. 

I decided to reach out and contact other Mommy Bloggers that wrote blogs based on feeding their children healthy, fresh foods.  I had asked them if they would like to work together and compile some great recipes and menus that would be valuable to others.  I also wanted them to tell their “story” or how they went from eating unhealthy to a more nutritionally balanced diet.  I received amazing feedback.  I ended up with 12 Moms who wanted to be a part of the project.
Each mom submitted their blog/website information, a detailed Bio about themselves, and a recipe for a Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert, and Drink.  They also provided pictures of some of their creations.  The result is an amazing and inspirational Ebook.

I would love for you to receive this valuable Ebook so I have priced it at only $12-this is less than a fast food meal for a family of four-these recipes may change your families life and health forever!

Here is the link to purchase this Ebook through Paypal, please contact me with any questions at ColorWheelMeals@Gmail.com

Please give me up to 24 hours to send the PDF file and please make sure that Paypal has your correct email address…if not please leave a note with your payment as to where I can send it!

I would love if you would support this project and purchase it, but I would love it even more if you found valuable information in the ebook that will change your families lives……:)

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