My Kitchen Table!! DIY TUTURIAL

With all of the DIY tutorials on Pinterest right now, I just had to write about my own little project that I am so very proud of!!

Yep, that’s right people……I made this….if I can do this….anyone can!!!

I started with IKEA’s unfinished Ingo/Ivar DIning table and chairs and put them together using their instructions.

                   Once assembled I started staining the entire piece….

and once the first coat was dry, everything needed a second coat.

The next day I started my painting…..

  The technique was quite simple…..I had a white paint and a teal paint and a brush for each.  I dry brushed a coat of white over the stain and then I brushed the teal color over that making sure some of the stain and white paint showed through.

I was going for a semi antique/worn look.

Next, I did the same technique to the legs of the table….

The last step was to add a clear coat of polyurethane to the top of the table to make it shiny but also to make it more durable!

Lastly, I had my hubby help me carry it into our brand new kitchen and then I began a photo session that lasted for 15 minutes!!

                       It was like the paparazzi was here…….:)

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