Veggie Soup = Perfect Fall Meal

We have been having some beautiful fall weather here, the trees are at their peak with colors and leaves are finally scattering the ground.  My kids are actually pleading with me to rake leaves…..rake your hearts out children…..there are plenty of leaves for everyone!

My hubby is the “master raker” though…he can have a huge pile of leaves in 2 minutes flat….the kids and I are left standing with our minuscule pile of 20 leaves looking baffled. He’s that good….honest….:)

So, a hard working family deserves a nice warm meal….Veggie Soup!

I never measure with this recipe and it turns out a little different each time but I will try to give some “measurement approximations”…that sounds so technical!! 🙂

Here are some of the ingredients that I use.  The Not Chick’N bouillon cubes I just found recently but you could also just buy some organic veggie broth instead.

I start by chopping, peeling, and dicing up my veggies….I use carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes but you could add in any veggies you like.  Again I do not measure the veggies….I just keep going until I have a nice pile of each!

I am laughing at these pictures because I am just now realizing that I photographed the wrong side of the cups-I use the other side for measuring!!  OOPS!  So, for this particular batch of soup I used 4 cups of diced potatoes, 1 cup of diced carrots, 1/2 cup chopped celery, and 1/2 cup chopped onion.  Feel free to use your own measurements and add in any extra veggies as well!!

Next, I throw all of the veggies into a large skillet and add in 2-3 tbsp. of Earth Balance butter, the pack of bouillon cubes, and all of my seasonings.  I don’t measure these but I would guess about 1/2 tbsp. or less for each.  Garlic powder, chilli powder, sea salt, dulse flakes, paprika, and sometimes I even add in dried basil.  Next, I add in a few pinches of flour to make a thick paste or “rue” as it is called.

Next, I add in my water….about 12-14 cups.  Stir well and when it is starting to heat up I add in my noodles…any noodles will do.  The soup doesn’t even need noodles but my family likes them so we add noodles….

Cook on med-high until potatoes and noodles are done!

Serve and Enjoy!

Once the soup is made my job is not done…..

My son won’t eat the potatoes, carrots, celery or onion cooked in the soup…he just eats the noodles and broth and wants raw celery and carrots on the side. FINE-I can do that.

My daughter won’t eat the celery or onions in the soup but will eat raw celery along with it. FINE-I can do that.

I think I spend more time picking out ingredients than I do putting them in…whatever…I don’t mind because they still eat their veggies and truthfully I believe they are better for them uncooked anyways!

Don’t worry though, I got them back……

Once they had their pile of leaves raked I asked them to pick out all of the red ones

and then all of the yellow ones……

hey, what comes around goes around, right??  🙂

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How to Get Kids to Eat Spinach!

My kids eat spinach…..

okay, okay……not like this!!!

They did a good job of standing there pretending to eat their raw spinach for the 15 minutes I tried to get a “good shot”!!


When the shoot was over they didn’t gobble down those handfuls of spinach, they weren’t craving those leafy greens in their little hands……..a mom could only wish…..

BUT….I do know how to get your kids to want to eat that spinach and LIKE it!!!

As a mom we try to give our kids healthy foods and then we become discouraged when they don’t like it…then we say things like….

my kids don’t like_________ (fill in the blank with any fruit/veggie).

But, as a mom I know that I need to find the way they DO like that fruit or veggie so that I can get them to eat it….they may not like plain raw spinach but guess what…..

neither do I!!


don’t tell my kids….

so how do I get my kids to eat their spinach??

It’s called an


don’t be scared….

don’t knock it because it’s green….

I will prove to you that this is a KID approved smoothie!!

First, start with some mango….

use as much as you want..I like to use 2 small yellow ones…or frozen chunks that I buy at the store…

next, use 1-2 bananas….

throw this in the blender with some cold water and ice…

next add in a SMALL amount of spinach…maybe 1/2 cup to start…you can also add in one of the following: honey, stevia, agave, or pure maple syrup if you want to make this smoothie really sweet!

After you have won your kids over with this great tasting smoothie you can slowly begin to add in more spinach or other greens…maybe increase by 1/2 cup each week….

sometimes I like to add in the juice of a fresh squeezed lemon to this recipe as well…:)

It’s so easy….it’s super yummy…



Here’s my proof!!


I even gave some to my niece and nephew

yep….they loved them too….

so go ahead and have a green smoothie…

and get your kids to eat spinach too!!!

How do you like to eat your spinach??

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