Rainbow Fruit Leathers

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Now, let’s talk rainbow fruit leathers……..

I am super excited to share how to make rainbow fruit leathers, however I did make one mistake while experimenting, so I will also share with you what NOT to do! 🙂

I wrote a blog post when I first started this website called Taste the Rainbow-and it basically was a post about how the candy Skittles has nothing to do with tasting the rainbow…..it is one of my most popular posts!  Every day when I check my blogs stats, that post has been viewed!  So, if you haven’t read it take a moment to read it HERE!

Instead of tasting the ARTIFICIAL RAINBOW, let me show you how to taste a real fruit rainbow!!

Making fruit leathers are pretty simple, and it is a great recipe for the kids to help with!

I started with pureed fruit in red, yellow, green, and purple.

For the red I used blended up strawberries…..

For the yellow I used blended up mango

For the green I used blended up kiwi (this was a fail…kiwi wouldn’t dry out-however, banana blended with spinach does work!!)

and for the purple I used blended up blueberries.

Next, I used a dehydrator sheet on a cookie tray but you could also use parchment paper or grease a cookie sheet with coconut oil.

I started with a strip of red puree, to make the orange color I mixed some of the red puree and some of the yellow puree and made a strip of orange, then I made a strip of yellow, a strip of green, and lastly a strip of purple.

I turned my oven to the lowest temperature which was 170 degrees, but if your oven goes lower set it lower.  I also kept the door open so the actual temperature would be lower…..the idea is to dry the fruit out not cook it.  Keep checking it but you will need to let it be in the oven at least 2 hours but probably closer to 3 or 4 hours.

Now, here is where I ran into a problem.  The green puree made from kiwi wouldn’t dry out.  It stayed moist so my fruit rainbow leather didn’t actually work out….here is what I salvaged.

However, the purple strip turned out and the red, orange and yellow turned out.  So, we still ended up with some cool fruit leathers, they just didn’t turn out like they did in my head! LOL  The next time I do this I will use a banana blended up with spinach-it will work this way!

The only other problem were that these didn’t last very long!!!

Have you ever made fruit leather before??

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