Snack Taxi Reusable Bags Review

Have you ever heard of reusable bags???

I was really excited to be able to try out some really COOL reusable snack bags from


 I received 2 bags to review and I wanted to share them with you because I absolutely LOVE them and they aren’t an expensive investment at all!!

They come in all different patterns and sizes too!!

The company is a family owned business which I always love to support…here is a little info about the company..

I invented SnackTAXIs way back in 2003 as a way to stem the tide of plastic ziplock bags that flowed from our house to the landfill when our 3 kids started school! We pack over 500 lunches every year, and had definitely fallen prey to the easy appeal of the ziplock bag.

SnackTAXIs are easy too – really! They are made in our home-based workshop by talented (and fun!) local sewers – we are committed to keeping our business local, and will never outsource our labor.

We hope you’ll enjoy using snackTAXIs as much as we enjoy making them!

Erin Kelly-Dill, Owner

We have been using these to take snacks in the car, to carry snacks to the zoo and we have used them to take snacks to our playdates with our friends!!

We have carried everything from our snacking cereal….

to carrots…

and everything in between!!!

I love that the bags are made with 100% cotton on the outside, and polyurethane coated nylon on the inside. The bags are lead, phthalate, and BPA free.  SnackTAXIs are also easy to care for. They are machine washable, or can be hand-washed and air dried.

I think these are a great idea and further saves our landfills from thousands of plastic bags!!!

I so recommend these products because it supports small owned businesses, they are eco friendly, and they are super cute!!!  Everywhere I go moms are asking me about these neat little bags!!

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What would you pack in these neat little bags???

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Ways I get my kids to eat healthy….

I posted awhile back about foods that my family likes to eat-if you didn’t see the post you can read it here.

It was such a fun post and I received so many great comments that I wanted to show more pics of what we have been eating lately!!!

My daughter’s new favorite is fresh papaya with fresh squeezed lime juice!!!

I am not a HUGE fan of papaya plain but it is really great with lime juice…..if you tried papaya before and you weren’t crazy about it-try it again this way!!

My husband has been enjoying this in his lunches….

fresh strawberries, raspberries, and bananas sprinkled with dried blueberries and cacao nibs.  This is so yummy and I love to eat it too!!!  I also love to drizzle it with some almond butter!!

This has been one of my favorites lately…..these are oat groats that were soaked and dehydrated.  I mixed them with almond butter and topped them with fresh raspberries, cacao nibs and some almond milk!!

I also make it with fresh strawberries!!!

I also tried these drinks….KeVita….they are a fermented coconut water…delicious!!!

But, I am really loving my own homemade brews of kombucha!

My son enjoys his fruit all alone….this is a starfruit, his daily choices though include apples, bananas, and oranges.

My kids like to eat their oranges sliced really thin so they can pull the skin off and eat orange rounds!

I also have to show my kids favorite lunch…..kale salad, watermelon, snap peas and honeydew!!!

We eat kale salad a few times a week!!!

My kids like to drink fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds!!

OH, and let’s not forget our new favorite!!

For an occasional treat we indulge in Coconut Ice Cream….these are amazing!!!

SO much better than any dairy ice cream I have EVER had!!

Last, but not least….GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

We love green smoothies around here….I make one for my husband to take to work everyday, I have one for breakfast every morning, and my kids enjoy them during meal or snack times!!


All this yummy food turns my kids into SUPERHEROS!!!

I hope you enjoyed…..what is your family favorites???

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Kids drinking Homemade Orange Juice!!

Have you ever tasted fresh squeezed orange juice?

Not the kind that you buy at the store in a pretty carton that reads “freshly squeezed” but the kind that is squeezed from fresh oranges right in your own kitchen?

Well, let me tell you it is super delicious!

Everyone knows that oranges are high in Vitamin C but they are also full of antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, calcium and folate.

Our family purchased an electric citrus juicer a few years ago for roughly $20 and we have been consuming yummy glasses of golden sunshine ever since!

My children hear the sound of the juicer and they come running like cats to a can of shaken treats.  They want to help juice the oranges, they want to lick the orange halves, they want to climb up on the counter and watch.  I have timed the whole process of making fresh juice for my family from cutting the oranges to serving the juice- it only takes about 6 minutes, unless my children are helping in which case it can take a lot longer. :)

As for the cost of oranges I have found the worst deal is to purchase oranges in a netted bag for an outrageous price of $3-$5 a bag which only contains 8-10 oranges.  I buy my oranges at fruit markets where they are sold separately and for much cheaper.  At one fruit market, I can purchase 9 juice oranges for $1.99, sometimes I will buy a case of oranges that contain 100 oranges for around $18.00.

My point in all of this is that it really is not as costly or time consuming as you may think.  An initial investment in an electric citrus juicer, which by the way can also be used to make fresh lemonade, fresh limeade, fresh grapefruit juice and fresh pomegranate juice is truly worth the $$ bills.

I have seen some models costing as little as $12.00.

I would advise not to invest in the non electric model because it takes a lot longer to juice and the kids cannot use this kind of juice maker, I started with one of these and almost gave up making fresh O.J.

Just an FYI about the store bought orange juice- even the ones that say 100% natural and freshly squeezed-are all pasteurized which means it has been heated to kill any harmful bacteria or microorganisms and to help with spoilage on the shelves.  I agree that we do not want any of this stuff in our morning glass of orange juice, but unfortunately with this process the heat can destroy the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that would naturally be found in the juice.  This is why most cartons say fortified because they have to add the “good stuff” back in.   I am not knocking the store bought orange juice, just trying to inspire you to try juicing your own- it is not hard, it is not expensive and and it does not take a lot of time.  Besides, kids love getting involved and making their own fresh juice!!

I hope this blog has inspired you to at least think about trying fresh orange juice and for those of you who know me- if you ever come to my house I can whip you up a fresh glass in no time!!


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Introducing my Latest Ebook: Mommy Menus

Well, here it is the cover to my latest Ebook-entitled

Mommy Menus

a compilation of kid menus submitted by health conscious moms

Yes, I said latest because I do have 2 other ebooks available

the first one entitled

Color Wheel Meals Recipe Manual

and the second is

30 Days of Green Smoothies

I am very excited to share my new Ebook with you.  This Ebook has taken several months to compile but I am very happy with how it turned out!!  For a busy mom of 2, I have had little time to work on it-and every chance I did I had 2 little ones hovering around!!  So, my 2 month deadline was extended to an 8 month deadline!!

So, what is this Ebook all about?

Photoon2010-12-20at1947-1Let me explain-
One of the things I do for my business is to
do demonstrations to groups of people about adding in more healthy foods into their lives.  I show how to make different recipes and then let everyone taste.  I have received so much great feedback and have heard wonderful stories of how moms are getting their kids to eat things like spinach and kale!!  One of the things though that so many moms asked over and over is, “What do you feed your children for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” These moms wanted meal ideas for their kids.  I planned on putting together a recipe/menu book, but then thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there were a whole bunch of different ideas, recipes, and inspiration from many different moms?” And then I had an idea………….. 

I decided to reach out and contact other Mommy Bloggers that wrote blogs based on feeding their children healthy, fresh foods.  I had asked them if they would like to work together and compile some great recipes and menus that would be valuable to others.  I also wanted them to tell their “story” or how they went from eating unhealthy to a more nutritionally balanced diet.  I received amazing feedback.  I ended up with 12 Moms who wanted to be a part of the project.
Each mom submitted their blog/website information, a detailed Bio about themselves, and a recipe for a Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert, and Drink.  They also provided pictures of some of their creations.  The result is an amazing and inspirational Ebook.

I would love for you to receive this valuable Ebook so I have priced it at only $12-this is less than a fast food meal for a family of four-these recipes may change your families life and health forever!

Here is the link to purchase this Ebook through Paypal, please contact me with any questions at

Please give me up to 24 hours to send the PDF file and please make sure that Paypal has your correct email address…if not please leave a note with your payment as to where I can send it!

I would love if you would support this project and purchase it, but I would love it even more if you found valuable information in the ebook that will change your families lives……:)

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Thank you for your continued support!
Samantha Gibbs
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