Ways I get my kids to eat healthy….

I posted awhile back about foods that my family likes to eat-if you didn’t see the post you can read it here.

It was such a fun post and I received so many great comments that I wanted to show more pics of what we have been eating lately!!!

My daughter’s new favorite is fresh papaya with fresh squeezed lime juice!!!

I am not a HUGE fan of papaya plain but it is really great with lime juice…..if you tried papaya before and you weren’t crazy about it-try it again this way!!

My husband has been enjoying this in his lunches….

fresh strawberries, raspberries, and bananas sprinkled with dried blueberries and cacao nibs.  This is so yummy and I love to eat it too!!!  I also love to drizzle it with some almond butter!!

This has been one of my favorites lately…..these are oat groats that were soaked and dehydrated.  I mixed them with almond butter and topped them with fresh raspberries, cacao nibs and some almond milk!!

I also make it with fresh strawberries!!!

I also tried these drinks….KeVita….they are a fermented coconut water…delicious!!!

But, I am really loving my own homemade brews of kombucha!

My son enjoys his fruit all alone….this is a starfruit, his daily choices though include apples, bananas, and oranges.

My kids like to eat their oranges sliced really thin so they can pull the skin off and eat orange rounds!

I also have to show my kids favorite lunch…..kale salad, watermelon, snap peas and honeydew!!!

We eat kale salad a few times a week!!!

My kids like to drink fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds!!

OH, and let’s not forget our new favorite!!

For an occasional treat we indulge in Coconut Ice Cream….these are amazing!!!

SO much better than any dairy ice cream I have EVER had!!

Last, but not least….GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

We love green smoothies around here….I make one for my husband to take to work everyday, I have one for breakfast every morning, and my kids enjoy them during meal or snack times!!


All this yummy food turns my kids into SUPERHEROS!!!

I hope you enjoyed…..what is your family favorites???

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Amazing Grass Products and Giveaway!!

I love smoothies, juices, and salads……

I love eating green foods and feeling good about putting great food into my body and into my kids!!

I also feel good when I find great supplemental products that can add to my food choices….

have you ever heard of

Amazing Grass??

They are a company that sells organic and green superfoods!!

I was lucky enough to do a review of some of their products!!

Check out what they sent me!!!

I tried one of the bars first and really liked it-I placed the rest in my purse and car for those times that I was out and would have no food available but needed something.  I liked the ones with chocolate but I didn’t care for the berry flavored one….just my personal preference though.  I thought it would have tasted better covered in chocolate but not everyone is a chocolate lover like me!!!  🙂

They were great for those times that I was hungry and had nothing with me!!!

I could eat and know that I was still putting good quality ingredients into my body!

I was very impressed with all of the Amazing Meal packets and the Vanilla Chai packet.  My favorite being the chocolate flavored Amazing Meal……I could see myself having one of these smoothies everyday!

I just mixed the packet with almond milk, a banana and ice and blended it up!!

I threw some cacao nibs on top for fun!!!

I also really enjoyed the Orange Creamsicle Green Superfood….I mixed it with coconut milk in the shaker cup they sent me!!!  It was so quick and easy!!!  GREAT afternoon snack!!!

This one I just added to water and shook up…..but I didn’t love it.  It was lemon-lime flavored so I threw it in the blender with a banana and some stevia and  blended it into a smoothie and it was much better!!!

There were several kid packets and I tried all of them with my kids and they drank them!!  I blended each of the kid flavored packets with almond milk, ice, and a banana and served it to them with lunch and they had no idea they were drinking a powder drink mix filled with added nutrients!!!

These mixes are amazing! Here is the ingredient list!!!  I am listing from WildBerry Kids Superfood drink Mix: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, asparagus, lima bean, green peas, kale, kiwi, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans zucchini, apricot, carrots, mangos, pineapple, sweet potato, tangerine, yellow squash, pomegranates, raspberries, guavas, cranberries, red cabbage, cherries, tomatoes, beets, plums, grapes, and blueberries!!


That is amazing!!!  What’s more amazing is that my kids drank it and liked it!!!


I would recommend these products for kids or adults…..and I am giving one lucky reader a chance to try some of the products out for themselves!!

The winner will receive 9 sample packets including one kids sample!!!

Here is how you can enter!!

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Have you ever heard of Kombucha??

Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture.

Health benefits of kombucha:

*Probiotics – healthy bacteria
*Alkalinize the body – balances internal pH
*Detoxify the liver – happy liver = happy mood
*Increase metabolism – rev your internal engine
*Improve digestion – keep your system moving
*Rebuild connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism
*Cancer prevention
*Alleviate constipation
*Boost energy – helps with chronic fatigue
*Reduce blood pressure
*Relieve headaches & migraines
*Reduce kidney stones
*High in antioxidants – destroy free-radicals that cause cancer
*High in polyphenols
*Improve eyesight
*Heal excema – can be applied topically to soften the skin
*Prevent artheriosclerosis
*Speed healing of ulcers – kills h.pylori on contact
*Help clear up candida & yeast infections
*Aid healthy cell regeneration
*Reduce gray hair
*Lower glucose levels – prevents spiking from eating

It is said that kombucha has been consumed for over thousands of years and has been named “The Tea of Immortality”.

It has been used in China, Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe.

My first experience with Kombucha was with GT’s Kombucha that can be bought at any health food store.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it…and it kind of smelled funny.  I took a few more sips and then placed it in my fridge.  The next day I drank some more and liked it much better.  After that I would pick one up each time I went to the health food store.

This started my addiction to kombucha……..

and then one day a friend of mine gave me a piece of this culture to start brewing my own…….


If you have never heard of or seen kombucha it may look a little weird and even gross…..but as strange as it may seem, I promise it tastes wonderful!!!!

You start by brewing black tea and mixing in some sugar……..

Once this mixture has cooled you add in the kombucha starter……

This is the part that looks gross!!!! LOL

You cover this with a cotton cloth and set in a warm environment and wait for about 7-10 days…..

you end up with this fizzy drink called kombucha!!!  At this point you pour it into glass containers (I reuse my glass bottles) and then add fruit for flavorings.

I have a lot of fun with this part!!!!

I have made:














there are endless possibilities in flavoring kombucha!!!

so yummy!!!!

Have you ever made kombucha?

Have you ever tasted it??

Would you taste it??

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Are My Kids Getting Fruit and Veggies in Their Easter Baskets?

The question is:

What are you filling your kids easter baskets with????

Will my kids be waking up to a basket of fruit?

I actually received fruit in my Easter basket one year growing up….I don’t know what my parents were thinking…they had all kinds of candy in there and then added an apple and an orange….I remember being very unimpressed and even a little disappointed.

Well, I would LOVE it if my kids got so excited over fruit that if I filled a basket with it they would jump for joy…..but they have access to TONS of fruits and veggies at their fingertips everyday.

They can eat whatever they want off of this nook at any time of day without asking……

so why would this be exciting??

To answer the question…..

my children’s baskets will not be filled with fruit or veggies this year…..

I am actually planning on buying each of them a cute little “stuffy” (this is what they call stuffed animals),

they will each receive an educational book, and probably a game, puzzle, kite, bubbles, etc.


instead of buying into the chemically processed, highly dyed, trans fat laden bags of junk – I am making homemade treats to place into their little baskets!!!!

I spent an hour this evening after my 2 lovelies went to sleep making little treats for their baskets…..

First, I started with this 100% dairy free chocolate-remember my little guy has allergies to dairy!

I broke it into pieces…

and then melted it over a double broiler.  Next I poured a small amount of chocolate into these little mini cupcake holders and placed them in the freezer for about 2 minutes until they had hardened.

Next, I got to work on the filling!!!

My son is also allergic to nuts-so we use Sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter.

I took some of the sunflower seed butter and mixed it with some gluten free flour and some organic cane sugar.

I did not measure any of the ingredients-I was aiming for the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups consistency though.

Next, I had to roll them into tiny little balls….

and then I placed them into the little holders.

Then I poured more chocolate over the tops…..

and back in the freezer they went.

I had to taste test three  one….

They were so delicious!!!!!!!!

My husband even taste tested one and said they were “SERIOUS!!!!!”

So, I bagged them up and hid them in the fridge!!!

Next, I started on some caramel treats……

I placed melted chocolate into half egg shaped molds making sure to coat the sides evenly….

while those set up in the freezer I worked on the caramel….

did you know that dates make a great caramel substitute???

I soaked my dates in almond milk for about a half hour…

I added a dash of salt and some vanilla and blended on high for a good minute or two….



 I poured some caramel into my molds…

Then I topped it with more melted chocolate.

Back in the freezer they went and soon I had these……


One accidentally broke……

So Good!!!!!

The caramel was creamy and it kind of reminded me of those cadbury eggs with the “yolk” inside….

except much, much yummier…..:)

So, these are the treats my kids will be finding in their baskets this year-I wouldn’t go as far as saying these are healthy  and I am sure there are a ton of better options than this.

However, I make it a point to feed my children fruits and veggies every single day of their lives and I don’t feel guilty making special treats for them once in awhile-especially on a holiday!

What is your opinion on this?

What are your kids getting in their baskets??

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Kids drinking Homemade Orange Juice!!

Have you ever tasted fresh squeezed orange juice?

Not the kind that you buy at the store in a pretty carton that reads “freshly squeezed” but the kind that is squeezed from fresh oranges right in your own kitchen?

Well, let me tell you it is super delicious!

Everyone knows that oranges are high in Vitamin C but they are also full of antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, calcium and folate.

Our family purchased an electric citrus juicer a few years ago for roughly $20 and we have been consuming yummy glasses of golden sunshine ever since!

My children hear the sound of the juicer and they come running like cats to a can of shaken treats.  They want to help juice the oranges, they want to lick the orange halves, they want to climb up on the counter and watch.  I have timed the whole process of making fresh juice for my family from cutting the oranges to serving the juice- it only takes about 6 minutes, unless my children are helping in which case it can take a lot longer. :)

As for the cost of oranges I have found the worst deal is to purchase oranges in a netted bag for an outrageous price of $3-$5 a bag which only contains 8-10 oranges.  I buy my oranges at fruit markets where they are sold separately and for much cheaper.  At one fruit market, I can purchase 9 juice oranges for $1.99, sometimes I will buy a case of oranges that contain 100 oranges for around $18.00.

My point in all of this is that it really is not as costly or time consuming as you may think.  An initial investment in an electric citrus juicer, which by the way can also be used to make fresh lemonade, fresh limeade, fresh grapefruit juice and fresh pomegranate juice is truly worth the $$ bills.

I have seen some models costing as little as $12.00.

I would advise not to invest in the non electric model because it takes a lot longer to juice and the kids cannot use this kind of juice maker, I started with one of these and almost gave up making fresh O.J.

Just an FYI about the store bought orange juice- even the ones that say 100% natural and freshly squeezed-are all pasteurized which means it has been heated to kill any harmful bacteria or microorganisms and to help with spoilage on the shelves.  I agree that we do not want any of this stuff in our morning glass of orange juice, but unfortunately with this process the heat can destroy the enzymes, vitamins and minerals that would naturally be found in the juice.  This is why most cartons say fortified because they have to add the “good stuff” back in.   I am not knocking the store bought orange juice, just trying to inspire you to try juicing your own- it is not hard, it is not expensive and and it does not take a lot of time.  Besides, kids love getting involved and making their own fresh juice!!

I hope this blog has inspired you to at least think about trying fresh orange juice and for those of you who know me- if you ever come to my house I can whip you up a fresh glass in no time!!


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Fruit Nook

So, we have always had a little problem in our house.  We do not have a dining area and we have a pretty small kitchen, so small in fact that it just barely fits a small round table.  We also have very little counter space and cupboard space so when I buy our weekly produce it would always end up beautifully displayed on our kitchen table.

While it is fun to look at the wonderful display every day as I walk into our kitchen, it has interrupted our time as a family.  With all of this fruit overtaking our only dining table we were unable to sit as a family for our meals.  My kids would usually end up at a folding table in the living room, I would sit on the couch and my husband on the stairs.  I was making sure my family was well fed but I was neglecting the “family time” that mealtimes were supposed to bring.

This was so very important to my husband that we sit down as a family and eat dinner together, so one day I mentioned if I only had another place or shelf to hold all of my fruit!!  That same day we decided that we would go out and buy an inexpensive shelving unit to hold our produce.

We looked at several places and finally decided on a metal shelving unit that would fit nicely in the corner right next to our cabinets!

It has enabled us to clear our table and enjoy our dinners together as a family, but has also given me a fun place to keep our produce!!!  Let me show you!!!

On the top shelf I have a pineapple and behind that is my aloe plant!!!

On the second shelf I have a bowl of juicing oranges, some tomatoes, and red peppers!!

On the third shelf we have bananas, another tomato and a mango!!

Next, we have some juicy red apples and a few avocados!!

Lastly, we have a huge box of clementines!!

Once my husband put this together and I placed my fruit on it I realized I didn’t have enough room for everything so I actually had to go out and buy another one!!!  LOL

We now have 2 of these metal shelving units in our kitchen-one on each side of our cabinets!!

I love having this and I love stocking it with new produce each week!!  Most of the shelves are within reaching distance of both my children so they don’t even have to ask to grab a treat!!  They can just freely grab when they are hungry!!

I am eagerly anticipating summer when a whole bunch of fresh fruit is in season and I can fill it overabundantly!!!

I may have to invest in another one!!!


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Smoothies, Salads, and Sunshine!!

I was shopping the other day and found these really nifty cups and my kids thought they were cool, so we bought them!

The straws twist around the outside of the cup, so when they are drinking from them they can see the liquid travel up, up, up and into their little mouths.  Very FUN!

Today, we decided for lunch we would make smoothies and put them into these little twister cups.  My daughter wanted a pink smoothie and my son wanted yellow……hmmm

Okay, so we used strawberries, bananas, chia seeds and almond milk for hers….

and mango, banana, chia seeds, and coconut milk for his….


Next course for this lunch was salad!

My kids love salad….and that’s good because leafy greens are so important to include into the diet!

They gobbled these up so quickly that I didn’t even get to take a picture of them eating it!!!

Oh well 🙂

Their little tummies were still hungry so I cut up a huge organic Gala apple and served it up with some SunButter.

Sunbutter is made from sunflower seeds and is super tasty!

We love it!!

Next on my list for these two were some sunshine!

Good old fashioned Vitamin D!

WAIT…buddy-look at the camera!

Much better!

Did you notice the swing they are sitting on??  I picked up that frame at a garage sale for $1.00!!!  It was old and worn but my husband spray painted it and I picked out some fabric and sewed it on there….notice what the fabric pattern is???


LOL-I just loved the fruit pattern and brightness of the print….so for under $15 (spray paint, material and the $1.00 for the frame) they have a little swing that they love to sit on!

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