It’s NOT Peanut Butter Cookies-Flourless Version!!!

I thought it couldn’t get any better but it did!!!!!  These flourless non peanut butter cookies are so much like the real thing!!  I remember as a child my mom made a peanut butter cookie using just a few ingredients.  I would always help her make them so I remember she would use peanut butter, sugar, and 1 egg….there may have been a few other ingredients as well.  I am not even sure where the recipe came from because she just had it written on an index card that she kept in her drawer.  As a child I LOVED peanut butter…I took after my dad-he loved  loves it too!  There are actually pictures of me as a kid walking around with a big spoon of peanut butter as my snack!  When I had children and I found out they were allergic to peanuts I had to stop my addiction for the safety of my children.  It wasn’t even like I could go out and sneak some while I was away because I had a fear that I could still give them a reaction with a snuggle or a kiss once I came home!

Which explains my addiction to sunflower seed butter-and this addiction won’t harm my children.  In fact, they can indulge with me!! 🙂

So, these cookies remind me of my childhood favorite.  They taste so authentic that I gave some to my sister and dad who have only had the real deal and they both said, “These don’t have any peanut butter???” They couldn’t get over the fact that they tasted just like the real thing!!

It’s Not Peanut Butter Cookies-Flourless Version! or Sunflower Seed Cookies!

1 cup Sunbutter or sunflower seed butter

1 cup organic cane sugar or coconut sugar (the next time I make these I will only use 3/4 cup because they were a little too sweet for my taste!)

1 chia egg (directions below)

1 tsp. baking soda

For the chia egg: take 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

and place them in a coffee grinder

and grind for about 30 seconds

until a very fine chia flour is made…place into a bowl with 3 tablespoons of water.

stir and let sit for about 2 minutes and it will turn into a very thick gel.

this is now your egg replacer!

Place all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Roll into balls and place onto a cookie sheet.  Use a fork to make criss cross patterns.

Bake at 350* for about 6-8 minutes.

Let cool before shoving them into your mouth eating one.


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Rainy Days and Homemade Fun!!!

Have you ever made homemade play-doh?

I found this homemade recipe online and since we have been dealing with lots of rainy days we decided to try it out!!

We decided to make neapolitan colors using cocoa powder, cherry juice, and vanilla extract.

It was so easy to make and my kids had a blast!

I loved how my kids spent the day playing with this great smelling playdoh and coming up with such creative play!

They made a menu….

They made play- doh treats!!


and chocolate chunk truffles….

-so creative!!

They mixed the colors…which I normally hate but this day I let them just be as creative as they wanted to be!!!

Also, this week we had homemade coconut yogurt with fun toppings!!

I still haven’t mastered my yogurt making techniques-it still comes out more like a thick cream rather than normal yogurt consistency.

But I will keep trying until I get it right!!

So, to make eating the yogurt fun I got some healthy toppings ready in some cute little bowls.

We had ground flax, dairy free chocolate chips, goji berries, chia seeds, buckwheat groats, and dried coconut flakes.

I gave each of my kids a bowl of yogurt and set the toppings on the table for them to create a healthy yogurt sundae.

They had fun with this!

Their creations:

My son opted for ground flax, chia seeds, and chocolate chips!

My daughter was more adventurous and went with a little of everything!

My bowl had some cacao nibs, goji berries, chocolate chips and  a drizzle of coconut nectar.

The next day I had another bowl with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, and goji berries.

 So good!!

Have you ever made homemade non dairy yogurt?

Have you ever made homemade play-doh?

I would love to hear about your experiences!!!

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Chia Seeds

What in the world are chia seeds??


Chia seeds are little tiny seeds that contain an amazing amount of nutrition in a very small amount.

Chia is a member of the mint family and is native to Central America.   It is is an ancient seed that was prized by Aztec warriors who used them as an endurance promoting superfood -consuming it right before battle and long distance traveling.

Chia is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, even more so than flax seeds.  It is high in ORAC antioxidants such as quercetin, myrecetin, caffeic acid and chloregenic acid.  It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, niacin, and zinc.  Chia is very high in fiber and absorbs more than ten times its weight in water, making it an excellent source of hydration.

Chia seeds are extremely versatile. They can be eaten as is, ground and added into recipes, or made into a gel and added to any juice or smoothie.  Chia seeds have natural gel forming properties that slow digestion and help keep blood sugar levels stable, which aids in the prevention and/or control of diabetes. The feeling of fullness after eating chia seeds aids in weight control and weight loss.

These little seeds have endless health benefits and have been a great addition to my families diet.  In fact, my 2 kids refuse to drink their morning orange juice without the chia seeds!!

MMMMMM……….so good!!!!!

For a really amazing recipe using chia seeds check out a wonderful blog by Rawdorable

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MMMM…A Breakfast of Champions

I decided to let you peek into my mornings around here and see what we like to rummage up for our breakfast-which is the most important part of the day!

So here my husband had the daunting task of juicing lots of oranges.  Actually it goes really fast and is actually quite fun to do!  On mornings that we have big glasses of O.J. we can easily go through a bag of oranges but I can usually get a bag for around $1.50 or so.   Sometimes I buy oranges by the case and get 100 oranges for around $15.00.  We can usually go through a case in a week if we are drinking O.J. everyday.  Oranges are so good for you can read my post about them here.

After the oranges are juiced we divide it up into cups…..2 little ones for my sweeties

and two big ones for my husband and myself.

We never just drink O.J. plain though…….I like to add some of my favorite super foods.

First, our O.J. always gets a good heaping spoonful of this:

These are chia seeds….they are little black seeds that are a great source of omega 3’s, fiber, protein, plus lots and lots more….these little things are warrior food!  They offer no taste but kind of look funny suspended in the glass!  We love it!

I also sneak a little ingredient into the juice without anyone knowing:

This is organic kelp and it is a great source of iodine.  Iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid function.  I only put a pinch in everyone’s juice and they have never even known!

Once the chia seeds and kelp have been added we add ice and slurp it down super fast.

Occasionally, I use my juice to make a super smoothie.

I will pour my juice in the blender and add bananas, chia seeds, kelp and then some of this

Based on its research, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat. It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life in a pure, raw and unaltered form.  I try to take at least a tablespoon everyday!

I add some ice and blend it up!

Voila!  My super delicious breakfast of champions!  It is so yummy!  I hope you enjoyed the peek into my families mornings…..ENJOY!!!

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