Some Classics with a Twist

There will always be “classics” in life.

By definition “Classic” means: serving as a standard, model, or guide….we have classic cars, classic rock, classic fashion…….

and then there are people who put a twist on the classics……

they remake the classic into something newer and fresher….sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t…..

In my opinion skinny jeans are classic…..well, they are just reinvented leggings….plain black or denim paired with some boots and a trendy shirt and handbag and you have a classic look…..then there is the twist…

yikes….skinny jeans with a twist….someone thought it would be a good idea to jazz up the classic plain black skinny jean to a Mick Jagger concert pant…..

better yet….cheetah leggings…that’s right…someone thought it would be a great idea to add a cheetah print to a basic legging…..YIKES!

Sometimes changing the classics don’t work out so well……

and sometimes they do!

CLASSIC: Ants on a Log

MY TWIST:  Red Ants on a Log or Ladybugs on a Log
I used Sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) and dried organic cranberries.

CLASSIC: Peanut butter and apples

MY TWIST: Vanilla-almond butter with apples

I took some almond butter and added vanilla and agave to sweeten and mixed it well.  Then sliced up an apple to pair with it!  My daughter can have almond butter, but it is still up in the air for my son so we stick with Sunbutter and apples for him…although I can still flavor it vanilla.

CLASSIC: Carrots and Ranch dressing

MY TWIST: Carrots drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sea salt

CLASSIC: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

MY TWIST: The Better than PB and J Sandwich-recipe can be found here

CLASSIC: Good Old Fashioned Orange Juice

MY TWIST: Fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds

Classic: Bananas and Peanut Butter

My Twist: Bananas and Sunbutter with Drizzled Maple Syrup and Flax 

I just sliced a banana in half lengthwise and spread Sunbutter on each slice, drizzled with some pure organic maple syrup and sprinkled ground flax on top!

Classic: Fruit Salad

My Twist: Fruit Kabobs!

I love taking a classic and giving it a twist….however, you will never see me wearing striped or cheetah printed pants of any kind…..what is your favorite classic with a twist??

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How to make Healthy Homemade Ice Cream!!

Most of you already know that my son has food allergies.

My daughter has some too but she is older and most of hers are not life threatening or serious at this point.  She will get an itchy tongue or hives around her mouth if she eats something her body rejects such as peanuts and some dairy (not sure why but not all dairy) and she has reactions to items with eggs sometimes too….again not sure why it’s sporadic….

My son on the other hand I have to be careful with.  His allergic reactions are much more severe and his body seems to be much more sensitive to foods.  He also has dairy allergies, nut allergies (he can have almond milk though), and he has sensitivities to wheat/gluten.

I have always had to figure out ways to keep my kids nourished and healthy but also making their food choices yummy so they never feel as though they are missing out on what the other kids may be eating.

I have found many ways to make yummy and fun foods…..

I want to share one of them with you!!!

Banana Ice Cream!!

This recipe is so easy….uses basic ingredients…and tastes delicious!!

I apologize for not having the exact recipe rather just the concept of how its done!!

First, I always take my brown bananas and peel them.  I place them into Ziploc bags and freeze them.  I use these frozen bananas for smoothies and ice cream!!  When the grocery stores clearance their brown bananas I stock up for pennies!!!

These will be future smoothies or ice cream!!

So, once you have some frozen bananas….take them out of the freezer and place them in your blender.

I add some alcohol free vanilla that I get from Trader Joe’s. Just a splash or two!

I also mix in some agave, maple syrup or raw honey to sweeten this up a bit…

I also sometimes add in a splash or two of almond or coconut milk to help get the blender moving.

Once I have a soft serve type consistency I transfer the mixture over into my handy dandy ice cream maker.  You don’t need this step but it makes the ice cream less like soft serve and more like actual ice cream!

You can add in any other ingredients too!!

Cacao powder or cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream….

some mint extract and chocolate chips or cacao nibs for Mint chocolate chip ice cream…

you can add cinnamon and pecan bits for a yummy version of Butter pecan….but

this day I decided on strawberry ice cream….

so I took some frozen strawberries

and blended it with a little water…

and I ended up with this strawberry puree which I added to the banana mixture and then placed it into my ice cream maker!

and then I just let that run for about 40 minutes or so.

While I waited I got some yummy toppings ready!!

From top left in order….crushed up gluten free sugar cones, fresh organic raspberries, vegan (non dairy)chocolate chips,  non dairy chocolate sauce, shredded coconut pieces, and SunButter!!!

I was pretty disappointed to return to my ice cream maker to find my ice cream wasn’t getting firmer but I had held my kids back long enough and they wanted to feast so I poured the ice cream into bowls and let them cover their ice cream in toppings!

My daughter’s creation!

and my sons creation…notice how simple his is??  He really doesn’t like to mix his foods much….even when it’s dessert!

He would eat all of those topping separate but mix them together and he gets weird about it!!  LOL

Oh well, they were both delicious and of course I had a bowl too!!!


Have you ever made homemade ice cream before?

What did you use for yours??

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MMMM…A Breakfast of Champions

I decided to let you peek into my mornings around here and see what we like to rummage up for our breakfast-which is the most important part of the day!

So here my husband had the daunting task of juicing lots of oranges.  Actually it goes really fast and is actually quite fun to do!  On mornings that we have big glasses of O.J. we can easily go through a bag of oranges but I can usually get a bag for around $1.50 or so.   Sometimes I buy oranges by the case and get 100 oranges for around $15.00.  We can usually go through a case in a week if we are drinking O.J. everyday.  Oranges are so good for you can read my post about them here.

After the oranges are juiced we divide it up into cups…..2 little ones for my sweeties

and two big ones for my husband and myself.

We never just drink O.J. plain though…….I like to add some of my favorite super foods.

First, our O.J. always gets a good heaping spoonful of this:

These are chia seeds….they are little black seeds that are a great source of omega 3’s, fiber, protein, plus lots and lots more….these little things are warrior food!  They offer no taste but kind of look funny suspended in the glass!  We love it!

I also sneak a little ingredient into the juice without anyone knowing:

This is organic kelp and it is a great source of iodine.  Iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid function.  I only put a pinch in everyone’s juice and they have never even known!

Once the chia seeds and kelp have been added we add ice and slurp it down super fast.

Occasionally, I use my juice to make a super smoothie.

I will pour my juice in the blender and add bananas, chia seeds, kelp and then some of this

Based on its research, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat. It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life in a pure, raw and unaltered form.  I try to take at least a tablespoon everyday!

I add some ice and blend it up!

Voila!  My super delicious breakfast of champions!  It is so yummy!  I hope you enjoyed the peek into my families mornings…..ENJOY!!!

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