DIY Felt Wreath


Let me begin by saying….this is not my creation……nope, I did not figure this out myself       at all…..see…..


I bought this package of white felt from JoAnn’s and right on the package was a beautiful wreath so I had to make my own!  My intent was to have it finished before Christmas and hang it as part of my decor….but time ran away from me………….

So here we are in January and I have a finished wreath!!!!


It is still sitting on my table because my hubby believes wreaths are only for holiday time and should not be hung as a home decor item!!!

What do you think??? I would LOVE your opinion on this matter!!!


SO, if you do want to hang this wreath in your house -here are the directions!!!

Step 1: Buy some felt!!  It doesn’t have to be white, choose any color!!  I purchased a brand called Feltables.  I used a 40% coupon and paid around $3.00. I also purchased a white, round styrofoam wreath, and a box of dress pins.


Step 2: Use a small cup to make a circle on the felt…only make one and use it as your template…I made the mistake of drawing a bunch and then realizing that the pencil showed up on my wreath and made it look dirty.  Once you have a template circle, cut out as many as you can and then cut out some more!!!


Step 3: Fold your circle in half…..


and then in half again….


place you pin in the bottom corner of your felt….


Step 4: Push you pin into your styrofoam wreath and then repeat….



continue working your way around the wreath until it is covered.  I did not place any on the back side so that it will lay flat against my door or wall!!!  I did cover the sides thoroughly though!


FINISHED!!!!!  Now find a place to hang it!!!

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