21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Could you eat this in a month???  Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables so that your body is nourished and can operate properly?

If not I can help!!!  Starting November 5th, I am hosting a 21 Day Online Green Smoothie Challenge.  This challenge is basically a way for you to learn how to feed your body a ton of fruits/greens in a fun and easy way!!!

Each day we will replace 1 meal or snack with a smoothie made from fresh produce.  The rest of the day eat regularly.

I will show you how to make superfood smoothies using regular ingredients from the grocery store!!

Each week of the challenge I will provide recipes and shopping lists to make it super simple!!  All you have to do is print the list and go shopping……

I will have daily informational/motivational postings plus be available for your questions each day!

The cost to sign up is $10, in the end you will have 4 weeks worth of recipes, 4 shopping lists and tons of information to continue to eat healthier!!

Sign up now HERE!!!

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4 thoughts on “21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

    • Hi Rachel! You could always join in and print all of the recipes and info that has been posted so far….or if you are interested I also have an ebook that is called “30 days of Green Smoothies” that would work great as a detox!!!

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