My Summer and Back To School Preparations

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far!

I know I have been away and have neglected my little space in the blogosphere……I hope you will forgive and continue to read and comment as I try to post more often now.

My summer has been a whirlwind,

starting with a kitchen fire,

then a full kitchen renovation,

two run ins with ticks, (I will spare you any pictures of this… me, they are disgusting little buggers-and P.S. both times we caught the incident before the blood sucking monster attached itself!)

a vacation,

a failed garden due to my negligence, (again, I will spare you the pics I had 3 tomato plants  and a pepper plant that survived…..this is shameful compared to the gardens I have had the last few years)

and bringing up the rear……..2 broken bones for my son, yes….he broke his tibia and fibula in 3 spots total in a spiral break…..he did this falling off of a bike….


luckily my husband is handy and designed this contraption for us to use to push my son and his heavy cast around….


…….Summer 2012….you have exhausted me……..

As we approach the end of summer fun and begin our adventure into fall, my mind has been consumed with preparing for our homeschool.  I spent countless hours researching curriculums, planning lessons, and organizing materials.

We use a workbox system where both children have 12 boxes that will contain the day’s lessons/activities.  I require my kids to stay on the same number box throughout the day, so if one of them finishes their assignment earlier then the other he/she may take a break while they wait.

The top 2 shelves are my children’s curriculum books, the top shelf holds all of my daughter’s books and the second shelf holds all of my sons books.  I keep these close to their workboxes so I can easily place their assignments into their boxes the night before.

These 2 cubbies hold our games and science items.

These cubbies contain our math manipulatives.

I store any other manipulatives in plastic shoe boxes on the top of the unit.


Here is another bookshelf that holds more teaching books and games.

This is our school library where all of our informational books are stored.  Most of these books are science related and include topics such as earth, space, dinosaurs, weather, rocks and minerals, animals, physics, etc.

On the bottom row of  this bookshelf are all of our magazines such as Ranger Rick’s, National Geographic for Kids, Highlights, and several others.  We also store our cash register and my son’s bibles on this bookcase.

This bookshelf in my son’s room holds all of his leveled readers.  These are fictional books that are just for fun.

My daughter has her own bookshelf as well that contain all of her chapter books.

I have another large bookcase in my basement that I did not take a picture of…that bookcase holds all of my holiday books that I bring out when needed.

I may or may not have a book obsession…………..and I could possibly open my own library………………and yes, we still go to the library and check out books!!!!! 🙂

Here is our messy art center that holds every art supply imaginable…..glues, markers, crayons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, stamps, paper, scissors, tape…..the list could go on forever!

In our basement we have a closet that is designated to any other homeschooling items that I have accumulated…………….

This area is a terrible mess….I need to spend some time organizing the atrocity.

Now, on to the good stuff!!!  Our actual curriculum………….

These are some of my fourth graders main curriculum books……

These are some of my first graders main curriculum books……

not pictured is our science, history and bible as well as many other workbooks that I use during the schoolyear.

This is our FlipOver Math that we do each day along with their daily notebooks.  Their daily notebooks contain things such as graphing daily temperatures, keeping track of the moon phases, and writing out the date.

Maybe, just maybe we will squeeze one more mini vacation in before all of the craziness starts………………………..

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10 thoughts on “My Summer and Back To School Preparations

  1. Did you decide to start a homeschool blog? We’re planning on homeschooling once our oldest reaches kindergarten or first grade. Just looking for and researching materials so I can be prepared. Also wondering about homeschool groups in our area and how to find them.

    • I am thinking I will just add some homeschool posts into this one every once in awhile instead of creating a whole new website to try to keep up….it is a lot of work!!! LOL
      There are lots of groups and things for homeschoolers to do around here…so much that it is impossible to do them all!!!

  2. OMG! I hope your son is feeling better. You did have an eventful summer all right….just read about the fire. How scary!!!! Worse not to know what caused it. Hope things get better for you in every way…

  3. Glad you’re “back”! Looking forward to your posts this year. Glad to see I’m not the only one who neglected my blog this summer. Your excuses are more valid than any I can come up with;)

  4. Glad to see you back. I haven’t been on my computer as much lately either, so I totally understand.

    I am so impressed with all your homeschooling stuff. I actually send my kids off to school, but mainly for socialization. My son was an only for so long that it was good to give him exposure to more kids.

    Hope your son heals soon.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one with that much homeschooling stuff. 🙂 We use the workbox system, too. So sad about your son, poor little guy. I’ve enjoyed reading through my new ebooks! 🙂

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