The Reveal-My NEW Kitchen!!!

Do you remember we had a kitchen fire the day before Easter?

Well, our new kitchen is finally done and I am ready to show the final reveal!!

We replaced our ceramic tile with wood floors……

installed new cabinets…..

built custom shelves….

installed a dishwasher….

added some new lighting….

replaced the countertop…..

installed a new sink….

made a dining table and chairs set….

added some frames…..

filled our cabinets…

added produce baskets on top of the fridge….

added a chalkboard…

and a metal shelf with chalkboard spice jars….

and then we stood back and took it all in…………….

while drinking a fresh homemade jar of lemonade……

from our kitchen to yours………………..:)

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24 thoughts on “The Reveal-My NEW Kitchen!!!

  1. love it! love the plates. Do the names on the chalkboard jars rub off as you use them? Can anyone reach the produce baskets up there? (move ’em lower, I say, but *le shrug*, meh! It’s your kitchen- do it your way) 🙂

    • Actually, I didn’t think about it when I made them but every time I use those jars the letters do rub off unless I am very careful and grab it by the glass part!! I wish I would have thought of that before!

  2. I love the new kitchen! Congratulations! It looks beautiful. My favorite are those chairs and table. Just stunning!

    • Thank you!! I love the table and chairs and I have a special bond with them since I did it all by myself!!! HAHA….I have never painted or did anything like that before so I was happy with how it turned out!

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