Chocolate Dipped Fruit!

Chocolate and fruit………….yes, please!

My family attends a bi-monthly church small group and all families bring a snack to pass.

Some of the snacks I have brought include: cut up fruit, fresh strawberries with coconut cream dip, air popped popcorn, fresh homemade bread with seasoned dipping oil, homemade green juice, and chips and guacomole…….

this time I wanted something really special and I had seen this idea from another blogger on Pinterest so I decided to make my own version!!

I started with non dairy chocolate chips (so my son could enjoy this too!) and melted them over a double broiler….

Then I took pineapple chunks and dunked them in the chocolate and placed them on a teflex sheet to harden.

I also took some bananas and sliced them into rounds.  I added some sunflower seed butter to the center and topped with another banana slice….like this:

Next, I placed a toothpick in each one and dipped them in the chocolate!

I placed these all in the freezer to harden them quickly!

Did I mention these were a HIT at our small group??

I had some melted chocolate leftover and I didn’t want to waste it so I decided to whip up a few non peanut butter cups!!

I poured the extra chocolate into these molds and froze for 5 minutes

Once the chocolate was solid I added a scoop of sunflower seed butter to the center…..

and then poured more chocolate on top!

It only took 5 minutes of sitting in the freezer and look what we had!!

These didn’t make it to the small group……in fact they almost didn’t make it into the picture! 🙂

Want to see another idea I got from Pinterest??  I saw this idea HERE…..and that inspired me to fancy up my own fruit salad for small group on another night!

Here is my version….

It was just organic strawberries and organic pinepapple cut up with an ice cream scoop added in for fun!

This was a hit too!!!

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12 thoughts on “Chocolate Dipped Fruit!

  1. I was wondering out of curiosity, where do you get your non-dairy chocolate? My son is allergic to dairy products and I’m having a hard time finding anything that is non dairy. Thank you 🙂

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