Don’t Miss Out!

I am sure most of you know that you can find me on Facebook……and on Twitter……and on Pinterest…..

but, did you know that I sometimes post different ideas, tips, pictures, recipes, etc. on each one?

I don’t do it to be sneaky….

I’m not springing bunny ears behind your back……it’s more of a technical issue.

It’s easier to post a picture of a meal on Pinterest or a picture of an idea on Facebook than it is to write up an entire post about it.

I mean a lot goes into one post:

It starts with an idea ….then I need to gather ingredients, write a recipe, prepare the recipe, taste the recipe, set up a photo shoot with lights, fabrics, utensils, etc.

Next, I have to actually take the pictures,  upload them to my computer, upload them to an editing site, edit each picture, and then write the blog post with the pictures and recipe. Finally, I have to spend time trying to spread the word about my blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest……whew!

I’m not sharing this information with you to complain….I actually like doing this!

I am sharing so you don’t miss out!!! 🙂

This idea was posted on my Facebook page…..Kiwi served with corn holders!!!  The kids have a ton of fun with this one!

This one was also posted on facebook…it was what I served my children for lunch one day with a list of everything on their trays!

Here is a picture of some orange slushies that I served my kids on a hot March day!!!  This was fresh squeezed orange juice blended with lots of ice!

I also post special sales on my ebooks,  giveaways, or bonuses on FACEBOOK!!

I have a giveaway going on now for Bare Fruit Snacks!! Enter to win a case!!!

This picture of a vegetarain meal was uploaded to Pinterest and pinned on my board Dinner.

This is the produce I used to make a fresh juice for the family….you can find more pictures like this with all ingredients listed on my board called…….Juicing

Here are some dried fruit butterflies…..posted to my board….Fruit and Veggie Ideas

I love Pinterest and pin new things EVERYDAY!!!!

So, you see -I’m not being sneaky with my information.

I am guilty of being sneaky with ingredients though……………..tomatos hidden in chocolate???  You will have to trust me on this one-it’s coming soon!


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14 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out!

  1. I think my comment will post this time. What I said was that I was impressed that you are so busy on the computer! I do not belong to any of that social media. Blogger and e-mail keep me buys enough. 🙂

  2. I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook and I’m so glad I do! I was so excited to see your DIY: Coconut Butter plus Lemon Coconut Truffle Fudge Recipe on Pinterest this morning. It sounds so yummy!!

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