Making Smoothies for the Masses

Recently I was invited to a school to set up a smoothie station for their “Family Fun Night”.  This was the second time I was invited to their school to serve students, parents, and teachers green smoothies.

I am so impressed with what this public school is doing to educate their students on nutrition and healthy eating.  They are running programs to encourage students and parents to eat fruits and vegetables and offering positive reinforcements for doing so.

I brought my family along to help and we came armed with 45 bananas, 2 packages of organic spinach, 37 lemons, 4 gallons of spring water, 1 bottle of agave, and tons of ice.

With these ingredients we served over 200 smoothies to students, parents, and staff.

I called this smoothie the


because of its green color and the name really stuck with the kids!

My husband and I made some posters to go along with our theme:

this is an unhealthy alien……

and this alien loves drinking her green smoothies!

The night was a huge success and tons of fun for all!!

Want to have a smoothie station at your school??  Read more information here!

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8 thoughts on “Making Smoothies for the Masses

  1. love this post! and compelled to respond because for Valentine’s Day, the class parents decided to serve smoothies for snack instead of the typical overdose of sweet treats (except they did serve one sugar cookie, and i was ok with that)…i asked if they needed help since i have my trusty vitamix and make 2 green smoothies for my girls everyday…they said yes…i asked if i could bring spinach..they said yes….i get to the class and mention to the class that if anyone wanted to be a risk-taker, i would be more than happy to put a couple leaves of spinach in their smoothie, and almost everyone of the kids raised their hands!!….i thought i might get one or two (one which would be my daughter and the other my daughter’s best friend)…so if given the choice and presented in a positive way, kids will drink spinach in smoothies…none of them could detect spinach at all….i applaud you for lugging in all those ingredients (especially that heavy ice) to school to make those green drinks!…

    • wow, that is super awesome!! I did find that the kids were way more receptive than the adults…what is funny is while they were drinking them they said things like I don’t like spinach but I love this smoothie and I was like well, if you love the smoothie then you like spinach!! LOL

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