The World’s Greatest Black Bean Burger

Let me explain…..I am generally not the person who likes to eat mimics of other foods…I do not choose to eat tofu or fake meat…I have personally decided not to eat meat and I don’t generally want a fake version of it either.  However, my hubby loves veggie burgers….looking at the ingredients they contain I am not happy serving him one of these burgers at all….in my opinion they are not healthy!

I knew I could do better, so I got to work in the kitchen….I made my first batch and it was okay….the second time around was a fail…..but the third time is most definately a charm!!! This recipe is by far The World’s Greatest Black Bean Burger and I know because I ate it!!!  Remember when I said I don’t generally eat things that resemble fake meat….well, this is the exception!

These are so easy and quick to make,contain simple ingredients, and are super healthy!

The World’s Greatest Black Bean Burger

1 can of organic black beans, drained and rinsed

1 chia egg  which is 1 tbsp. chia seeds and 3 tablespoons water mixed (explained here)

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 small handful of fresh cilantro, chopped

1 tsp. sea salt

2 tbsp. organic BBQ sauce

1 cup organic oats, ground into flour using a food processor or coffee grinder (may need up to 1/2 cup additional)

1 tbsp. nutritional yeast (optional)

Place beans into food processor and blend.  Add in chia egg, garlic, salt, cilantro and reblend.  Add in BBQ sauce and nutritional yeast and blend.  Finally slowly add in the oat flour until a good “dough” is made.  Refrigerate for 1/2 hour.

Using hands pat out 4 large patties or 5 smaller ones.

Place in hot skillet with coconut oil or non dairy butter.  Cook on med high heat until browned on one side and then flip.  Cook the other side until brown.

Serve on a whole grain bun with avocado slices, purple onions, tomatoes, and sprouts!

Hubby Approved!

Do you like black bean burgers???  What would you top yours with?

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30 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Black Bean Burger

  1. the hamburger bun looks yummy. did you buy them or make them. they look homeade. I dont like the tasted of cheap wheat buns from the store . I think I would buy these buns

  2. Wow, that does look like a good recipe. I always have mixed results with bean burgers. Sometimes they turn out great, and sometimes they fall apart. These look like they held up well. So, just curious, why do you not eat tofu? It’s not fake meat, I mean.

    • These did hold up really well and I actualy froze 2 of them and pulled them out tonight to reheat and they still held up and tasted great!!!
      I don’t eat tofu because I try to stay away from soy as much as possible….I guess I mentioned that because I was thinking about recipes that use tofu as the meat 🙂

  3. I have always loved black bean burgers and I also don’t like fake meat or veggie burgers and watch my soy intake. I like that black bean burgers are easy to make but I like restaurants that make good one’s too. I ordered one at Blackfinn a few weeks ago and it was fabulous. It was so big I had to eat it in three settings. Their burger looks a lot like yours except they added alfalfa sprouts.

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  5. Does the cilantro give it a lot of its flavor? Was just curious because my hubby has an aversion to cilantro so I would either have to leave it out or substitute it with another herb.

  6. I’m not a cilantro fan either but I’m thinking parsley might be good. Anyway, I heart veggie burgers! I don’t do much in way of fake meats either but burgers? oh yeah! Looks good! I’ll have to try this sometime. 🙂

  7. I do like a great hamburger but was looking for some alternatives to try & my sister remembered seeing your post ~ so thank you for offering the recipes for us to try. I had my first black bean burger at a BW3’s – it was tasty but a little dry. I just finished making your recipe & my husband was impressed both with the taste and that I tried to do something different too. I used a regular egg and did not use any yeast and next time I may add a bit more of BBQ sauce. I did not use a bun but did a slice of cheese and it was filling without the bread. I plan on making more of these in the future but can you tell me the best way to make these in bulk so I can freeze them and fry them later ? thank you for your food advice and look forward to expanding on my healthy eating.

    • I am so happy you tried the recipe and liked it!! The best way to make them in bulk is to double, triple, or quadruple the recipe and then make and then freeze….I have froze the burgers and when I want them I just toss them back in the pan to warm up!!!

  8. Have you broke down the nutritional content? Can they be grilled? This look awesome. Funny, just got done eating a store bought one and thought the same thing- “I can make a better one..”

    • I have not broken down the nutritional info yet…..I would think they could be grilled with some aluminum foil underneath (otherwise it may fall in between the grates)…they do taste better than the boxed ones.

  9. Do these hold together well? I’ve had a little trouble with past attempts with other recipes. What tends to happen is I cook it and the outside seems alright in terms of holding together but the inside is mushy and continues to mush and fall apart on itself as I continue to eat it. It can become messy. I’ve never used the chia seed egg replacer though. What would the extra 1/2 a cup of oats do?

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