Homegrown Sprouts

My kids LOVE sprouts!

 Research shows that sprouts
abound with antioxidants, they are
full of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins,
minerals and amino acids.

They are super cheap to grow and super easy too!!!

I have these sprouting trays that I use

but you can use a mason jar too!!

You can buy seeds for super cheap-I buy mine at my local health food store.

A tablespoon of seeds will yield about 1-3 cups of sprouts, very cost effective!

Start by soaking your seeds overnight

In the morning place them on your sprouting tray or in a mason jar.

If you use a mason jar place a wet paper towel over the top and screw on the lid without the middle insert.  Turn the jar upside down and let it sit at an angle.  Keep the seeds moist but constantly draining .

If your using the trays rinse them sevreal times a day and let the water drain out of the small holes in the bottom of the trays.

They start growing in just a day or two and pretty soon you have a bunch!

Sprouts are a super easy and cheap way to incorporate healthy eating into your life!

Throw them onto a salad, eat them in wraps, juice them, or eat them plain!!

You can also buy sprouts for fairly cheap if you want the health benefits but no work!

My favorite way to eat them is with

romaine lettuce and chopped apple with a yummy vinegrette!!!

What’s your favorite way to eat sprouts??

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4 thoughts on “Homegrown Sprouts

  1. I love sprouting my own seeds too! My mom has those trays so when I go up there in the summer time, thats what we use. I have used teh mason jars too but prefer the trays, I think they rinse and air out better that way. Need to buy some of those. your sprouts look delicious.

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