There are so many diets out there and so many health and nutrition books claiming to have the RIGHT information on how to eat or how not to eat.  So much of the information is contradicting and when you try to sort through it all it is overwhelming and complicated!!

Believe me, I have tried!!!!

I have found that it doesn’t have to be hard, extreme, complicated, or even difficult to follow….

it’s really a matter of less processed foods and more whole, natural foods…..

isn’t that how our bodies were originally designed???

Processed foods are fake foods made in a factory using chemicals, dyes, and sometimes very questionable ingredients.  If there is any real food in the ingredient list it is so processed that the chemical structure of that food is not the same as it once was.

These processed foods that come in boxes, cans, packages, etc -they are NOT real food!!  If we spend a lifetime eating these foods our bodies will not receive nourishment and it is primed for disease and sickness to set in.

Take a look at this picture….one side is what the average persons diet looks like each day.

Chips, donuts, popcorn, candy, soda pop, and fried foods……these are processed foods….the other side is filled with foods that have been grown and contain nutrients that fuel our bodies.

Can you for just 7 days go without all of the processed food and see what it would feel like to eat      UNPROCESSED???


This ebook guides you through 7 days of eating unprocessed foods.  It provides a shopping list, goal setting help, daily menu planner, recomendations for the 7 days, and time saving tips for the kitchen!  It includes:

  • 14 breakfast recipes
  • 17 lunch recipes
  • 18 dinner recipes
  • 26 snack and dessert recipes
This ebook is designed to help you learn easy and quick meal ideas that you can incorporate into your everyday meal planning.  By removing processed foods from your diet for one week you will feel the difference and be well equipped to continue eating healthier foods.
BUY NOW!  Only $9.95!
or buy the bundle of all 4 of my ebooks which include super easy, super healthy, and super delicious recipes!!

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Challenge yourself for 7 days!!  See if you can feel the difference!!




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