It’s NOT Peanut Butter Cookies-Flourless Version!!!

I thought it couldn’t get any better but it did!!!!!  These flourless non peanut butter cookies are so much like the real thing!!  I remember as a child my mom made a peanut butter cookie using just a few ingredients.  I would always help her make them so I remember she would use peanut butter, sugar, and 1 egg….there may have been a few other ingredients as well.  I am not even sure where the recipe came from because she just had it written on an index card that she kept in her drawer.  As a child I LOVED peanut butter…I took after my dad-he loved  loves it too!  There are actually pictures of me as a kid walking around with a big spoon of peanut butter as my snack!  When I had children and I found out they were allergic to peanuts I had to stop my addiction for the safety of my children.  It wasn’t even like I could go out and sneak some while I was away because I had a fear that I could still give them a reaction with a snuggle or a kiss once I came home!

Which explains my addiction to sunflower seed butter-and this addiction won’t harm my children.  In fact, they can indulge with me!! 🙂

So, these cookies remind me of my childhood favorite.  They taste so authentic that I gave some to my sister and dad who have only had the real deal and they both said, “These don’t have any peanut butter???” They couldn’t get over the fact that they tasted just like the real thing!!

It’s Not Peanut Butter Cookies-Flourless Version! or Sunflower Seed Cookies!

1 cup Sunbutter or sunflower seed butter

1 cup organic cane sugar or coconut sugar (the next time I make these I will only use 3/4 cup because they were a little too sweet for my taste!)

1 chia egg (directions below)

1 tsp. baking soda

For the chia egg: take 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

and place them in a coffee grinder

and grind for about 30 seconds

until a very fine chia flour is made…place into a bowl with 3 tablespoons of water.

stir and let sit for about 2 minutes and it will turn into a very thick gel.

this is now your egg replacer!

Place all of your ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Roll into balls and place onto a cookie sheet.  Use a fork to make criss cross patterns.

Bake at 350* for about 6-8 minutes.

Let cool before shoving them into your mouth eating one.


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