Family Fun!!!

If you read my last blog post, you knew I had something up my sleeve…..and the guesses that came in were that I was pregnant….and that we were taking a vacation…….and the correct answer was………………..

Actually, we went for a family vacation to Florida and spent 1 day at Magic Kingdom. We also visited Cocoa beach and Siesta Keys beach and spent lots of time relaxing and swimming in our resorts pools!!  It was very strange being in a warm climate during Christmas time, seeing palm trees decorated with lights, and hearing Christmas carols….I have spent every Christmas in cold Michigan so it didn’t feel like Christmas time!

Here are some highlights of the vacation!!  ENJOY!!!

Kids first plane ride ever!!

Chillaxing….is that a real word????  🙂

These little guys were everywhere!!

Beautiful landscaping everywhere!

Our rooms view!!!  It had an enclosed balcony that overlooked one of the pools!!

Downtown Disney fun!!

Mall of Millenia and Cheesecake Factory for dinner!!!

Cocoa Beach!!!  We couldn’t swim though because……

these and………

these were everywhere!

So we just walked the shoreline and found seashells and


This truck was filled with freshly picked oranges!!!  I wanted some so bad!!!!

It was a 2 hour drive to Siesta Keys Beach but it was so worth it!!!

We found lots of sea shells and sand dollars….

a crab and

colorful seaweeds!!

We played all day…..

and waited for the sun to set……


We had a blast at Magic Kingdom!!

The castle at night was amazing with all of its changing colors!!!

It changed at least 20 times!!!

We spent lots of time in the pools…..

during the day…..

and at night…..

We had an amazing time and unfortunately it had to come to an end…….

but our memories will last forever!

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13 thoughts on “Family Fun!!!

  1. Fun trip! Everytime I see pictures of someone’s trip to Disney, I think (with a whiny voice) how much I want to go back to Disney. 🙂 And btw, I love your plant and animal cell jello. I’m definitely remembering that idea!

  2. Beautiful vacation! I grew up going to cocoa beach and those Portugese man o war were the worst. I never got stung by one thank God! Glad you had a nice Florida vacation. It’s funny to see Florida in the eyes of a vacationer. It’s hard for me to imagine a cold Christmas. Born and raised Floridian. Decorated palm trees and all. 🙂

    • I just do the best that I can! We try to find a local health food store or Whole Foods and buy some groceries for the hotel/snacks/breakfasts….if we are driving and not flying we even pack our blender!!!

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