I have been missing….

Hello friends!

I am so sorry that I have neglected to write or update lately!  It has been so busy around here and I have placed my blog on the backburner for awhile.  I also apologize for not keeping up with all of my friends blogs!  I haven’t had the chance to visit and read all of the great blog posts so I will have to try to catch up as soon as I can!

Here are some highlights of what I have been doing lately!

Home depot workshops!  Have you ever taken your kids?  These are really fun!

Homeschooling!  This is a model of a plant and animal cell that we made out of jell-o and some dried fruit to represent the inside parts of the cells.  The kids loved making this!

I don’t ever remember learning the parts of a cell in 3rd grade or in kindergarten but my kids had a blast naming each part after it was made!

Here we are at Disney On Ice – we won 4 free tickets from a local giveaway!!  The kids were super excited and the show was amazing!!

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post pics of the show itself…..plus most of them came out blurry -but it was fabulous!

We woke up early on Thanksgiving morning and went to the Thanksgiving parade -it was cold but lots of fun!

Then we headed to my sister in law’s for dinner!

We also had a special announcement to tell our kids…..so we sat them down one day and spilled the news….

Can you guess what it is??  I will give you one more hint-

figure it out yet????
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14 thoughts on “I have been missing….

  1. Hi – At first I thought the news was you’re pregnant! But now I’m changing my guess to Disney World! Have fun!!!!

    We’re going to our first home depot workshop this weekend. Can’t wait!

  2. ha ha! you’re such a fun mom! All the outings and adventures, including Disney World! Fun fun! Good memories in the making. I so want to take Caleb to the Home Depot classes when he’s older. They look so fun!

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