If you are a regular reader of mine you already know about my son and his list of allergies…he has food allergies, environmental allergies, animal allergies, and if that weren’t enough he deals with asthma and eczema too.

Despite all of this he is such a happy little boy!

I usually stay positive and proactive so that we can keep allergic reactions to a minimum and he can still enjoy food and life to the fullest!



I do get that nagging little voice that maybe I am not doing enough for him…..


I feel like he has to be kept from so many things in life and that he is being ripped off…….


I feel scared when I am up all night with him because his breathing is so labored……


I feel like other people think I am being an obsessive mother because they do not understand the severity of his allergies……


I only feel like this SOMETIMES….

and I thank God everyday that he is a healthy little boy otherwise and that I was entrusted with such a special person to protect, take care of and raise.

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28 thoughts on “Sometimes……

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! We have been doing a lot of evaluating with our boys lately…trying to figure out what is causing new issues and finding ourselves getting very frustrated that they have to go thru this…BUT seeing their smiling faces and the hugs and “l love yous” from them makes it all worth every uneducated, inconsiderate comment from others, and every moment spent reading labels and preparing special snacks to take to play groups and church!!!

  2. You are an amazing mom and your son is lucky that you have taken the time to care so much and to make positive changes that still taste good and are fun.
    Im sorry he has such bad allergies, it’s so frustrating and sad. We are dealing with them too with our oldest and youngest.
    On a happy note, he is such a cute little boy! 🙂
    Keep up your good work!!

    • Thank you Amy-that was so sweet!! I wish with all my heart that he didn’t have allergies too, but there is always a bigger picture and I know that one day we will see it!! 🙂

  3. My niece has all the same health issues, and she’s a pistol! Sure, she has to eat lunch at a special table, and my sister has had to fight the after-school program to provide a peanut-free zone for her. They’ve spent more time in the ER in 5 years than I want to think about. But like your son, my niece has a mother who will move heaven and earth to give her the most normal life possible.

    I know it can be tough, and scary, and worrisome, but I’m glad you have a positive attitude about it, as much as possible. You’re giving him (and his sister) a great model of how to deal with the unfair hands life sometimes deals us.

    • WOW! I couldn’t imagine having to fight with a school system or having to worry about if the teachers are following protocol~!! SHe is am amazing mom to do all of that!!!
      Thank you for the words of encouragement 🙂

  4. ahhh… I know how you feel. my son is still so small (wont know what kind of things he’ll be going through as he grows) but I guess its all part of being a mom – to worry and feel responsible for our little ones. I think your doing so well with the healthy food you feed your kids and that you care so much… ❤ take care and more power to you!

  5. I know that voice – it visits me too, and often. I think all moms have this voice, but ours is different since we’re dealing with food allergies. As moms we always questions ourselves – are we doing the absolute best thing for our child? It’s the burden we carry, but seeing our kids laughing and playing makes it a very worthy burden to have.

    • I know you have those same feelings-our stories are so similar!!! I just wish I could lay them to rest forever! It’s nice to have a network of moms going through the same things and having them for support though! Even though I wish no child food allergies!

  6. You are a great mom doing the best you can which is all anyone can ask of you. And your son is so happy in all his pics:) plus, you still let him do fun stuff and play outside and don’t make him live in a bubble just because of his allergies. Your great 🙂

    • It’s funny you say that….I do call him by Bubble Boy!!!! LOL Sometimes, it seems I have to protect him from so much that he should live in a giant bubble! THANKS for the nice words.:)

  7. He really is such a special little boy. One of the sweetest I’ve ever met. Praying one day he no longer has to deal with all of this.

  8. Samantha, your son is so lucky to have you (as are we!). I’m sorry he has so many allergies and hopefully he’ll grow out of most of them. He will grow up to be happy because he comes from a loving and supportive family.

  9. You son looks like an incredibly happy, content little boy and that’s what matters at the end of the day. You’re keeping him safe and healthy, and providing him with an amazingly creative and diverse range of meals. In fact, the meals you provide for him are far more exciting and varied than those eaten in regular households! He’s very lucky to have you as his mom. You’re an inspiration to us all! x

  10. I understand how happy you feel when your son’s happy despite the allergy; I’m always amazed at how my baby can be so happy when she’s eczema too! Been blogging and cartooning everything eczema, as my baby has really inspired me!

  11. Aw, you’re a sweet and amazing mama! He looks so happy and so loved! It does take a special person to handle such issues; your son is very blessed. Both of your kids are so adorable and love that they love a lot of the good foods you give them. Hang in there! Your son knows you love him so much and probably understands the challenges on a deeper level but knows you’re doing everything possible to make him healthy and happy. Hope things do turn around someday!

  12. Hi
    i just found your blog today and find it very interesting and full of recipes and DIYs that i can’t wait to try. I don’t normally comment, but when i saw this post I thought it was worth it. I was wondering if you have ever heard of the GAPS diet? I have heard and read many success stories of people healing allergies, eczemas and countless other health issues by temporarily following the GAPS diet. You can google it and you will find lots of bloggers who have written about their experiences or you can read more about it here:

    Good luck and I wish you and your family all the best.

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