New Header Design

I am excited to show off my new header design on my website!

The picture is an illustration of myself and my 2 children preparing a smoothie…..we don’t really look like the illustrations but our hair color and eye colors are the same!!  I am planning on taking a real picture of us set up like the illustration….I am still in the process of trying to find a striped shirt though!!!  LOL  I think it will be fun to do!!

The design was made by Mommy Doodles and in honor of her 4th blogging anniversary she is having 2 giveaways on her website!  One is for a free header AND the other is for a website makeover!

So, if you have a blog and would like for it to look more professional and draw in more attention enter the giveaway!!  It’s super easy!!

The giveaway ends on November 1st-so do it today to make sure your entry counts!

What do you think about my new header??

Would you like to see a real life photo just like the illustration?

Come and chat with me on facebook!


11 thoughts on “New Header Design

  1. I love your new header! I’ve been wanting to do something different for so long now. Now I’m all inspired to change mine, haha. I think a real life picture like your header would be awesome, especially to have on your about page 😀

    • Thank you!! I wanted a nice header for a while now….but now I have this nice header and the rest of my site looks just okay!!! Now I want a blog makeover!!!! LOLOLOL

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