Some Classics with a Twist

There will always be “classics” in life.

By definition “Classic” means: serving as a standard, model, or guide….we have classic cars, classic rock, classic fashion…….

and then there are people who put a twist on the classics……

they remake the classic into something newer and fresher….sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t…..

In my opinion skinny jeans are classic…..well, they are just reinvented leggings….plain black or denim paired with some boots and a trendy shirt and handbag and you have a classic look…..then there is the twist…

yikes….skinny jeans with a twist….someone thought it would be a good idea to jazz up the classic plain black skinny jean to a Mick Jagger concert pant…..

better yet….cheetah leggings…that’s right…someone thought it would be a great idea to add a cheetah print to a basic legging…..YIKES!

Sometimes changing the classics don’t work out so well……

and sometimes they do!

CLASSIC: Ants on a Log

MY TWIST:  Red Ants on a Log or Ladybugs on a Log
I used Sunbutter (made from sunflower seeds) and dried organic cranberries.

CLASSIC: Peanut butter and apples

MY TWIST: Vanilla-almond butter with apples

I took some almond butter and added vanilla and agave to sweeten and mixed it well.  Then sliced up an apple to pair with it!  My daughter can have almond butter, but it is still up in the air for my son so we stick with Sunbutter and apples for him…although I can still flavor it vanilla.

CLASSIC: Carrots and Ranch dressing

MY TWIST: Carrots drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sea salt

CLASSIC: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

MY TWIST: The Better than PB and J Sandwich-recipe can be found here

CLASSIC: Good Old Fashioned Orange Juice

MY TWIST: Fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds

Classic: Bananas and Peanut Butter

My Twist: Bananas and Sunbutter with Drizzled Maple Syrup and Flax 

I just sliced a banana in half lengthwise and spread Sunbutter on each slice, drizzled with some pure organic maple syrup and sprinkled ground flax on top!

Classic: Fruit Salad

My Twist: Fruit Kabobs!

I love taking a classic and giving it a twist….however, you will never see me wearing striped or cheetah printed pants of any kind…..what is your favorite classic with a twist??

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22 thoughts on “Some Classics with a Twist

  1. I love the intro to this post. I wear skinny jeans all the time (although I don’t get any crazier with them than the red ones I was wearing in my latest video or my cargo ones), and I certainly prefer classic raw snacks/meals over the more complex ones. Hayden and I want to eat all those examples up (not the skinny jeans; just the food). 🙂

    • Thanks!! LOL
      Red ones are cute….its the crazy patterns that are just over the top!!! 🙂
      HAHAHA…I know Hayden would eat all of those up!! She is such a good eater!!!

  2. I love your twists! I can just imagine munching on them while I’m wearing my cheetah pants rocking out to I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. Good times.

  3. ha ha love the skinny jean references…no no on the cheetahs! As for your other twists on classics – yummy! Great ideas — will have to try them out on YS2 or for myself. 🙂

  4. I love these twists, especially that vanilla almond butter dip – what a great idea! The snack at Felix’s preschool on Tuesday was rice crackers with sunflower seed butter and raisins – it was such a good combo – what with all the sweet-salty, chewy-crunchy contrasts and a nice twist on crackers and peanut butter that I probably never would have tried out on my own.

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