Veggie Soup = Perfect Fall Meal

We have been having some beautiful fall weather here, the trees are at their peak with colors and leaves are finally scattering the ground.  My kids are actually pleading with me to rake leaves…..rake your hearts out children…..there are plenty of leaves for everyone!

My hubby is the “master raker” though…he can have a huge pile of leaves in 2 minutes flat….the kids and I are left standing with our minuscule pile of 20 leaves looking baffled. He’s that good….honest….:)

So, a hard working family deserves a nice warm meal….Veggie Soup!

I never measure with this recipe and it turns out a little different each time but I will try to give some “measurement approximations”…that sounds so technical!! 🙂

Here are some of the ingredients that I use.  The Not Chick’N bouillon cubes I just found recently but you could also just buy some organic veggie broth instead.

I start by chopping, peeling, and dicing up my veggies….I use carrots, celery, onion, and potatoes but you could add in any veggies you like.  Again I do not measure the veggies….I just keep going until I have a nice pile of each!

I am laughing at these pictures because I am just now realizing that I photographed the wrong side of the cups-I use the other side for measuring!!  OOPS!  So, for this particular batch of soup I used 4 cups of diced potatoes, 1 cup of diced carrots, 1/2 cup chopped celery, and 1/2 cup chopped onion.  Feel free to use your own measurements and add in any extra veggies as well!!

Next, I throw all of the veggies into a large skillet and add in 2-3 tbsp. of Earth Balance butter, the pack of bouillon cubes, and all of my seasonings.  I don’t measure these but I would guess about 1/2 tbsp. or less for each.  Garlic powder, chilli powder, sea salt, dulse flakes, paprika, and sometimes I even add in dried basil.  Next, I add in a few pinches of flour to make a thick paste or “rue” as it is called.

Next, I add in my water….about 12-14 cups.  Stir well and when it is starting to heat up I add in my noodles…any noodles will do.  The soup doesn’t even need noodles but my family likes them so we add noodles….

Cook on med-high until potatoes and noodles are done!

Serve and Enjoy!

Once the soup is made my job is not done…..

My son won’t eat the potatoes, carrots, celery or onion cooked in the soup…he just eats the noodles and broth and wants raw celery and carrots on the side. FINE-I can do that.

My daughter won’t eat the celery or onions in the soup but will eat raw celery along with it. FINE-I can do that.

I think I spend more time picking out ingredients than I do putting them in…whatever…I don’t mind because they still eat their veggies and truthfully I believe they are better for them uncooked anyways!

Don’t worry though, I got them back……

Once they had their pile of leaves raked I asked them to pick out all of the red ones

and then all of the yellow ones……

hey, what comes around goes around, right??  🙂

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22 thoughts on “Veggie Soup = Perfect Fall Meal

  1. I just checked out your blog since you left me such nice comments on mine! I love it plus the name is so great! I am always harping about the color on our plates, mainly green food! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be sure to be visiting yours. Love that you made the kids pick out the leaves! Too funny!

  2. I love a nice hot soup on a cold day. My kids are the same way, they will eat the raw veggies and pick the cooked ones out. Whatever as long as they are eating them I guess!
    You are so funny getting them to pick out the red and yellow leaves!! 🙂

    • Yes, I really don’t care if they won’t eat them in the soup….at least they eat them another way! Too bad they didn’t really get the whole concept that i was trying to make…they thought it was fun!!! hahahaha

  3. Oh, boy, am I finally glad to see some kids as picky as mine! Yahoo! Ah, but you are so right – as long as they eat their veggies one way or another, that’s all that matters. Hysterical about the leaves – I’ve got to think of something like that.

  4. Kids are so funny! But I guess we are too when it comes to food. Only certain foods we’ll eat cooked vs raw. So funny and hard work if you’re the mama! My son doesn’t care much for potatoes either. Anyway, your soup sounds great and very warm and comforting. I’m going to have to make a batch soon. It’s time. 🙂

    • I am funny about my food too and I was VERY picky growing up -I think that is why I have mercy on them with their food choices!! haha…I remember my mother making me sit at the table until my plate was clean and eating all of these gross cooked veggies-lol….I hated it!!! I also remember saying as a child that I hated cooked carrots and I would rather eat them raw…but I was never allowed to!! I still prefer raw veggies to cooked ones!!

  5. Yum 😀 I’m totally making a veggie soup today. I woke up and it was pouring rain and now it’s cold and grey out so it’s definitely a soup day. I usually add a jar of tomatoes to my soup and don’t usually add potatoes but other than that mine is super simple too and it’s always delicious. Sometimes I’ll add beans and stuff too, but that doesn’t always go over well with hubby. It’s funny – my kids will usually eat everything in the bowl, it’s my hubby that’s the picky one!

    • That is funny that your hubby is more the picky one…lol
      I would prefer not to put potatoes and noodles in the soup as they are both carbs/starch but my hubby likes it that way and well….gotta please the man of the house!!! HAHAHAHA

  6. So glad you stopped by my blog and left me a comment as yours is amazing. So much wonderful information. I’ve only read through a few posts and I will definitely be reading more.

    • My kids are so funny!!! They love doing chores around here!! If I ask them to mop, dust, etc. they are like “YAY!” lol…….I have no idea why they think it is so fun!!!

  7. The soup looks perfect for an autumn day after building an appetite raking leaves! LOL about picking out more than you put in. It’s great they eat the raw versions!

  8. Beautiful pics of the kids! 🙂 We need some little leaf sweepers round here too 😉
    My son often prefers raw veggies (especially red pepper and carrots) and, like you, I don’t care as long as he eats them PLUS they are more nutrient-dense raw. As me and my hubbie don’t mind how we eat our veggies, I often throw the pepper and carrots in raw when the meal is nearly cooked so I don’t have to waste time picking cooked veggies out again!

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