Exciting New Classes!!!

I am very excited to be offering different classes that will help teach anyone how to incorporate easy, healthy options into their lives.

Over the last few years, I have been invited to schools, MOPS groups, various other groups, and into homes to share with others my passion: Eating Healthier

I have had so much fun meeting other people, hearing stories, and learning from other’s along the way!!!

It has been a wonderful journey and I am excited for the next step!

First, I want to talk about “Smoothie Day” available for schools.  This would be a great program for you to suggest to your child’s school and I would love it if you could help spread the word!!  🙂

In School Smoothie Day

Are you trying to teach your students to eat healthier?  Is your school hosting campaigns to promote fruits and vegetables?  This is a perfect addition to help the students and staff along!   Here’s how it works:

I provide all supplies, produce, equipment, etc.  I will set up in a room that you provide that will hold groups of students at a time.  I will do 10-15 minute demonstrations to each class group (grade levels or classes), provide them with information on healthy eating, provide them with directions on how to make a smoothie, and give everyone a sample to taste.  By the end of the day the entire school will have participated in “Smoothie Day” and will have proper knowledge on how to continue to incorporate smoothies daily.

I am also offering Corporate Classes to businesses called Lunch and Learn!

Corporate Class: Lunch and Learn

Want your employees to stand out from the rest, have additional energy to complete their tasks, and have an overall happier outlook at work?  The connection between food and our mental performance is stronger than we realize.  This class will give your employees the tools to start a healthier lifestyle.  Class includes food demos and samples.  Here’s how it works:

I provide all supplies, produce, equipment, etc.  I will host a presentation and demo that will last 1 hour and provide samples and be available for questioning at the end of the presentation.  All employees will receive a handout of recipes.

I am most excited about is coming into your home and working one on one with groups of moms!!  These are fun and laid back parties with lots of food, fun and learning!!!

Themed Recipe Party

Gather some of your girlfriends and enjoy a night of inspiration and tasty foods.  You will learn new recipes, learn some creative ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your families diet, and leave feeling equipped and inspired to start a path of healthier eating!  Here’s how it works:

I will provide all kitchen equipment, produce, food supplies, cups, spoons, etc.  I will also provide each person copies of all recipes made.  The party will last 2-3 hours and plenty of food will be available to sample!  Each guest will also be provided with a complimentary gift.

Themes available to choose from:

UnProcess Me-this class goes through and explains how to eat less processed and includes a recipe guide and shopping guide.  We will go through some breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas.  Recipes and sampling throughout.

Dehydrated Foods 101: Learn the art of dehydrating-recipes includes fruit leathers, kale chips, and seasoned nuts

Dehydrated Foods 201: more advanced recipes include UnCheezIt’s, veggie corn chips, homemade granola

Brew Your Own Kombucha Party: learn the art of kombucha brewing and flavoring

Desserts:  non dairy chocolate mousse, brownies, cookie dough balls

Simple Lunches: tomato soup, kale salad, stuffed veggie Nori Wraps  

Mexican Fiestahomemade spinach tortillas, fresh lime guacamole, salsa, seasoned peppers and onions, and Pina Colada smoothies

All Americanblack bean burgers, Jicama sticks, and chocolate shakes

Smoothies, Juices and Nut Mylks-learn how to make nutritious smoothies, fresh juices, and homemade almond milk

***More classes coming soon***

Come and chat with me on facebook!!


6 thoughts on “Exciting New Classes!!!

  1. That’s impressive! As a mom, I especially like the idea of introducing kids to green smoothies at school. My daughter had a friend over yesterday who told me she doesn’t eat salad of any kind, because of the green leafy stuff! I’ll have a green smoothie waiting for her the next time she comes over.

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