Healthy Halloween Ideas

I have been thinking about some healthy but fun alternatives for the traditional candy and junk food that makes its way into our kids lives during this month.  These are some ideas that you can use throughout the month for lunches, snacks, classroom parties, or to share with friends on playdates!!

Carrot Jack-O-Lantern
I used baby carrots, purple grapes, and broccoli to create a Jack O’ Lantern…..this would be fun for a party!!
Jack O’ Lantern Oranges
I used oranges wrapped in Saran Wrap for these.  Then I drew faces on them with a permanent marker and added a piece of green fabric for a stem and tied it with a cute ribbon.   Here is another way I made them HERE.
They are also cute decorations!
Orange and Black Vanana Ice Cream
Rawdorable-a blogger friend of mine who makes adorable raw cupcakes came up with a really great idea for a substitute for food coloring and I LOVE it!!!  She uses freeze dried fruit!!!!  Make sure to check out her awesome Halloween themed cupcake creations and her YouTube channel!! I also did an interview with her here.
Here is the black vanana ice cream….
and the orange vanana ice cream….
So, for the vanana ice cream base you just need to use frozen bananas, a splash of vanilla, and 1 tbsp. of almond milk and blend until smooth.  I wrote a post explaining it here.
Next, you have to make the orange and black colorings.  I used freeze dried fruit that I bought at Trader Joe’s.  For the black ice cream I used freeze dried blueberries.  For the orange I used a combination of freeze dried strawberries and freeze dried pineapple.  Here is what you do!  Start with a 1/2 cup of dried blueberries…..
Place them in a coffee grinder, nut grinder or food processor….
Next, grind them up into a fine powder, like this…
Add this powder into your vanana ice cream and either reblend in your blender or place into an ice cream maker to thicken.  The powder looks kind of reddish purple but it made black ice cream!!!  The kids thought this was super cool!!!  If your really feeling sassy…grate some carrots onto the top for an orange colored topping….
Now, for the orange vanana ice cream….
start the same way…1/2 cup of dried strawberries and then 1/2 cup of dried pineapple….
place them into the grinder or food processor…
Grind them up and then mix them together!!!
Now add the powder to your vanana ice cream and reblend in your blender or add to your ice cream maker.
To serve either one just spoon into a bowl and eat!!!  I had some non dairy chocolate chips that I sprinkled onto the orange vanana ice cream…the kids gobbled it up!!
After all the ice cream was gone I thought it would have been fun to layer the 2 colors together…orange, black, orange, black….might look neat!!!
I have one more idea to show you!!  Candy Corn Pops!!!  Well, they aren’t really candy corn flavored and I guess they don’t even look that close to a candy corn, but it passed for my kids when I brought them out for them to eat!!  Maybe it will pass for your kids too!!  🙂
Candy Corn Pops
I used 3 layers to make these.  The first layer was almond milk-I filled a popsicle mold about 1/3 of the way and froze.  Once it was frozen I added a layer of blended mango and froze.  For the last layer I was going for orange and I took the rest of my mango puree and added raspberries…however I added way too many raspberries and it turned too red…If I make these again I will only add 1 or 2 raspberries at a time until I get the shade of orange I want.  Once it is the correct shade pour into the molds, add the lids and freeze!!!
Do you have any healthier options for Halloween??  I would love for you to share your blogs or ideas in the comments for all of my readers!!!  Can’t wait to hear some more great ideas!!!  If you are reading this post make sure you read through the comments too for more ideas!!
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25 thoughts on “Healthy Halloween Ideas

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your kind words. Most importantly, thanks to your comment, I’ve discovered your AMAZING blog! I’ll definitely be coming back for more tasty recipes. The Halloween treats are stunning! I’ve been making icecream from bananas and vanilla for a while now, but never imagined that it would colour so well, and naturally to boot! I know my son would love those popsicles too 🙂 xx

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