Review: Peeled Snacks

 Have you seen this yet??

Maybe at Starbuck’s or at Whole Foods?

Peeled Snacks

They sent me 4 bags of their dried fruit to sample and it is super tasty!!

I received:

I wanted to present these snacks to my kids in a really fun way so I decided to mix a little bit of each pack in a bowl….
Next, I placed the mixture into plastic snack baggies and tied them in the middle with a pipe cleaner…..twisted the top and formed the ends into antennae!!

Dried fruit butterflies!!!  These are great little snacks to take along with you during errands or a sports practice!!  Super easy!!

These dried fruits are made from organic fruit and dried without using sulfites, sugar or oil….that is why they look different than normal dried fruit that you may buy at a local grocery store….check out the ingredients….most likely it contains added sugar, sulfites or oil!!

Make sure to check out these great little dried peeled snacks and find them on facebook and Twitter too!!!   Tell them Color Wheel Meals sent you!!  🙂


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