Eating Wild Foods

My family recently took a trip and we experienced nature to its fullest.

We stood underneath a sky that contained so many stars that it seemed to illuminate the lake, we watched a woodpecker attack a tree looking for insects to eat, we listened to waves crash onto the shore while we relaxed in a hammock, and we ate food that we found in the wild.

We have dined on wild edibles before like wood sorrel and mulberries, but this was different.

We were bike riding on these amazing trails that stretch for miles…they are old railroad tracks turned into trails….it was a beautiful day and where we rode paralleled a lake….

After a few miles of riding we came upon a wild apple tree

and we were hungry!!!!!!!

We packed some up to go and kept riding…these were some yummy apples…..these weren’t like any store bought apple I have ever had….even an orchard apple wasn’t like this one….it was amazing!!!

A few miles later my daughter noticed some vines that looked like this….

I was pretty sure that they were grapes but I was a bit weary so my hubby tasted them and said they were very sour but delicious!  I decided I wanted to search online before we gathered more and ate them.  So when we finally got home I found out that they were grapes!!  So, the next day we brought a container to fill up!!


Have you ever eaten anything in the wild???  Any tips?

Here are some more pics from our vacation!!

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14 thoughts on “Eating Wild Foods

  1. I grew up in the country, so blackberry picking was a summer event we always looked forward to. We patiently pulled the nectar from honeysuckle, and my super Daddy pulled up roots to make us sassafras tea and pointed out creases, wild edible greens that grew all over our yard.

    Other than those few things, I’m a big chicken when it comes to eating wild foods. If I don’t know for certain what it is, I’m not tasting it. Watching the movie “Into the Wild” didn’t help!

  2. Wild apple and grapes? Awesome! In hawaii, if I go hiking normally I’ll find some wild guava, mountain apples (which ate a tiny wild ape way different than normal apples), and sometimes passionfruit 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun outing and great pics too! You are all so cute! I haven’t done much foraging myself other than berries around here. I need to learn more about what to look for around here or make sure hubby is with me to identify things. 😉

  4. I love the streamlined look of the new blog – very easy to read. Your vaca looks great! So many beautiful pictures! I grew up in the “country” and so we used to pick wild mushrooms and berries, but I’m so far removed from that now, that I would need a little handbook to make sure I wasn’t picking something poisonous.

    • Thank Jennifer! It is still not to my liking but will have to do until I can hire someone to help! LOL
      I would love to have a handbook to help…I bet there are so many things that we could eat in the wild!!!

  5. What great photos! Looks like a great time. I’ve always been too afraid to eat food from the wild, but my husband has taught my boys how to pick and eat huckleberries when we go hiking, and of course we always stop for a blackberry snack whenever we find them. But that’s about it!

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