How to Feed Your Family Vegetarian….

and still keep them happy! πŸ™‚

When I first started getting into healthy eating

(***gasp***-yes, there was a time in my life that I hated all things healthy!!)

I had this vision in my head that my family and I would live on bananas and mangos, celery and spinach and live happily ever after….maybe in a tropical paradise….:)

Β ****Insert reality here****

When I realized that my family didn’t have the same fairytale in their heads as me I decided that the next best thing would be to create a LOVE for fruits and veggies and try to incorporate as many as I could in our daily lives.

It turns out that if I just add in as many colorful fruits and veggies that I can into our meals -my family willingly eats them up! Β Instead of trying to make them live only on mangos and celery I now incorporate it into their meals-geez-what a concept!!


So, one of our favorite meals and one that shows up at least once a week at our house is the veggie quesadilla!!!

It’s easy and delicious!!

I start by toasting the tortillas in a pan with some vegan butter (Earth Balance), sea salt, garlic powder, dulse flakes, and chilli powder.

Next, I chop up some bell peppers (red, orange, green, or yellow) and purple onions and heat them in the skillet that I used to cook the tortillas.

Then I throw in some tomato right at the end…

Next, I make some Avo-lime guacomole….which is mashed up avocado with fresh squeezed lime juice and sea salt…

and finally I chop up some romaine lettuce

To assemble:

Spread some avo-lime guacamole on the toasted tortillas, add the cooked veggies, top with lettuce and some homemade salsa!

Serve with some fresh berries or

mango and bananas and pretend to live in a tropical paradise!! Β πŸ™‚

Our drink of choice is homemade kombucha!!


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11 thoughts on “How to Feed Your Family Vegetarian….

  1. I also dislike anything healthy, but I am slowly changing my ways. A couple of years ago I watched supersize me and that slowed down my fast food bingeing. Last week I watched Forks over Knifes and now I am officially converting my ways. It’s not easy to start eating everything I despised for so many years, but I am doing it and it is working. I am having a hard time putting together food and meals to eat so thanks for ideas. Great site, keep up the good work!

    Good movie, check it out.

    • Thanks, it is delicious!!
      That is my fave way to eat guac too…..especially with some homemade tortilla chips!!!! πŸ™‚
      Yes, we have come so far as well….and hopefully we will continue to do even better!!!

  2. My kind of meal! We do veggie tacos/burritos/quesadillas, etc with a spread of beans too. Veggie stir-fries too! It’s great to be introducing these wonderful edibles to our families especially when they’re young. My son eats so many great things I never heard of as an adult, well, until we improved our eating habits several years ago. I just hope when he gets older he still enjoys the healthy things. Good job to you Samantha for feeding your family the best!

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