My Families First Camping Trip

My family was invited to our very first camping trip-EVER….

we don’t have any camping gear at all so some families from our church pulled together and set up an awesome camp experience for us!

Here was the tent that we slept in….it was all set up when we arrived!

When we walked into our home away from home it was completely furnished with a table that had a fan blowing and a lantern waiting to be used at nightfall.

It also contained 2 full sized air mattresses already blown up and ready for our bedding.


We were very thankful.

So, here is how our first camping trip went…..

Campfire songs…… hubby is the one with the guitar….


Wagon rides….



rainstorms that created leaky tents and wet bedding….but made fun mud puddles for the kids…

Nature treasure hunts….

digging and building…..


flashlights at midnight…..

extreme silliness….

Camping food…..

and best of all friendships and bonding.

We had lots of fun and made some great memories, but it wasn’t all fun and games….

we had to dodge giant blood thirsty mosquitos…

(the above photo is not mine)

all the mosquito spray in the world didn’t scare away these pests!!

The first night we forgot to zip up the bottom of our tent and by morning we woke up to find way too many hanging out on the tent walls too full to fly away….they had feasted on us all night long!!!

Which is annoying…but my son is pretty sensitive to the bites…and his little body couldn’t handle the 30 or so that he had…he ended up with a fever and his finger ended up swelling so bad he couldn’t bend it.

This put me in crazy mom mode and the next night I was determined to make sure no mosquitos ended up in our tent…I sprayed the door with repellent, burned a citronella candle at the entrance, and tried to keep the zipper closed tight….

but one made it in…..although he never made it back out…and he didn’t even get a last meal…

let me leave you with some more pics of our camping experience…

Look at those smiling faces-

my kids had a blast…..

memories for a lifetime, right?

Have you ever been camping?

Did you end up with bugs in your tent?

Come and chat with me on facebook!!


28 thoughts on “My Families First Camping Trip

  1. yay! Love camping and how awesome everything was set up for you. That tent looks like a little house! Bummer about your little guy getting so many bites! Ugh, how awful! The bugs are the not-so-fun part of camping. 😦 Looks like it was a fun trip with lots of good memories. Love the relaxing pic – so cute!

  2. Looks like a great time! We go camping at least once a year, but usually more often than that, and we love it. We have since our boys were babies…although I can’t say I really enjoyed it back then! Now, I definitely do–some of our favorite summer memories are from camping trips. There’s just something about living in the outdoors for a few days that does us so much good!

  3. I’ve only done the kind of camping that involved sleeping in a bare bones cabin, never in a tent. I love the IDEA of it, but I’m afraid I might get cranky. Glad your first experience went so well!

  4. I’m not much of a camper, because I don’t like bugs. However, I would consider it if I had a tent like the one you had! Waking up to all of those mosquitoes would have sent me home without any regrets, though. 🙂 Sounds like you had a fun trip and lots of memories as a result.

  5. Now that’s the way to camp-love the big ol’ tent! I’m really trying to enjoy the whole camp experience but I just don’t think it’s for me. It’s so great for kids though! What the heck did you guys eat?!

    • That was my first thought too and I went for the kids….but it wasn’t that bad after all!!
      I brought my blender and had smoothies, cereal, salads, snack foods, and water!!!! LOL

  6. We used to camp a lot but then the kiddos arrived and it just wasnt on my to do list. I love camping and we will all do it again once our little one is older! That tent looks awesome, tents sure have changed since our camping days! Bummer about those pesky mosquitos.

    • I wouldn’t want to take a little one thats for sure!!! It would be so hard to keep them out of everything!!! LOL Hopefully, you guys can enjoy the experience again someday!!

  7. We go on overnight Huron river kayak camping trips all the time during the fall to avoid all of the bugs and to see the color change, it is so beautiful, quiet and peaceful….

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