Review: Brad’s Raw Snacks

I love kale…..

strange addiction, I know…

this is my garden kale….

this is my store bought kale….I need both to satisfy my addiction….any questions?? ๐Ÿ™‚

I use kale for many things-

ย kale salads…

kale smoothies…..

kale chips….

maybe I need an intervention!!

I had the opportunity to also try out some of Brad’s Raw Kale chips

I was sent a box filled with some yummy looking goodies!!

included was the Naked kale chips….

and the Vampire Killer Kale Chips

and I also received

Brad’s Red Bell Pepper Chips

I was so excited to tearย open these snacks that I almost forgot to take pictures!!

Look at these kale chips!!

I started eating these and suddenly turned into what could only be described as The Cookie Monster way of eating….

I had kale crumbles falling onto my shirt…..

kale pieces stuck in my teeth…..

I believe some may or may not have flown up into my hair…

I had to sweep and mop my kitchen floor once the cookie monster madness had ended-

but it was all worth it!!

If you have never tried kale chips-please do not judge me…..

and if you have tried kale chips before-you know you have a closet addiction too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of my closet….there may still be crumbs in there….

I almost forgot to mention the delicious red bell pepper crackers too….

they went quite well with my smashed whole half avocado…

have you ever tried kale chips or crackers made out of red bell peppers???

If you haven’t -you should….

and then tell me if any ended up in your hair too.


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19 thoughts on “Review: Brad’s Raw Snacks

  1. I LOVE Kale! Wishing that I had a green thumb and could grow my own but I can barely keep herbs alive inside. My kids will eat Kale but not in smoothies. Any tips for making Kale smoothies a bit more “light” ?

    • Sure, when I use kale in my smoothies for the kids I only use 1-2 leaves and no stalks….they are bitter!! Too much kale and the smoothie isn’t delicious….I can muster it down but the kids won’t!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I know it might sound strange, but there is no kale in my country… I tried it only once, last summer, when a friend of mine sent me a badge from her garden and I loved it :))) So this year she sent me seeds, they arrived last week and we planted them, now I hope they will grow! :))) Can’t wait!

    • wow, that is crazy!! So, is it illegal that you are growing a plant that isn’t in your country?? I wonder why it’s not there?? It is pretty hardy and grows very easy!! Good luck!

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