Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Review!

This post and review is all about skin care not food….however….the skin care that I am about to share with you could  technically be eaten!!!

How’s that for natural???

Did you know that what you put on your skin quickly gets absorbed into your bloodstream?

So, if you are spraying and rubbing all kinds of toxic creams and lotions onto your skin….your body is absorbing those toxins and that …….my dear friends … not a good thing!

I was very excited to try this line of organic skin care products

Annmarie Gianni’s Skin Care Line

The samples came in a beautiful satin bag with a handwritten note from Annmarie herself!!!

I was so excited to start using her products!!

My sister is an esthetician and make up artist and I was also excited to share these products with her and get her opinion of them!!

Yes, we are sisters….can you tell???  🙂

But can you tell that there are 15 years between us??? 🙂

When I received AnnMarie’s samples in the mail…I immediately called my sister so she could come over and apply them professionally!!

Kinda like an Annmarie Skin Care facial!!

My sister is a master at her trade…look at her amazing work!!

This is only a few samples of her work!!!

Isn’t she amazing!!!????

Anyway, my lil sis came over to try out these awesome products on my skin!!

The verdict:

We both LOVE them!!!

We started with the aloe herb cleanser which left my face feeling fresh, soft, and super hydrated!

Next, she used the ayurvedic facial scrub which is made with exotic Indian herbs….this was very gentle on my skin and didn’t feel abrasive or rough while being applied….once it was rinsed off my skin felt energized!!

Next up was the purifying mud mask which is my favorite product in this line!!!  It is a reddish powder that you mix with water and then it forms a clay….when my sister applied it to my face it seemed it could be used as a tribal face paint…very cool!!!  Once it dried it turned a very light pink….and it just slightly tightened up my skin….

by this point I was feeling like I had spent the day at a very expensive spa!!!

Lastly, my sister applied the anti aging serum around my eyes and the anti aging facial oil all over the rest of my face!



I would show you a picture of my face afterwards but my hair was a mess by this time and well….I don’t like to take pics with no make up!!!  LOL

SO, here is one of the both of us after we applied make up!!!  🙂

I absolutely love this skincare line….I would recommend it to anyone and my sister would too!!!

These products are all organic, natural and wildcrafted!

Here is a little excerpt I found on the website:

While science has created synthetics and chemicals in an attempt to mirror what the earth already creates, I have tapped into the wisdom of Mother Nature and created Annmarie Skin Care. This line brings the ancient healing energies and awareness directly to you so that you may radiate your own natural beauty.

When creating these products for you, I combined not only some of the best natural practices and methodology in skin care, I also included the secrets of aromatherapy. Using this line soothes your physical body and helps shape your inner beauty by invigorating your soul.

These products are earth, mind and body conscious and are chemical-free.

Once you start using my proprietary, hand-blended line of natural skin oils, scrubs and serums, you will find people start turning their heads, wondering what your secret is to beautiful, healthy and fresh looking skin. Your friends may even ask you what you’ve done to look so good and why you look younger and brighter (they’ll probably wonder if you’ve been on a vacation filled with days of restful relaxation).

Want to order some products for yourself??

Use discount code: COLOR

for 10% off -good 7/21/2011-7/26/2011


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21 thoughts on “Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Review!

  1. Wow. You definitely don’t look like there are 15 years between the two of you. Amazing. It’s that good diet and natural skin care.

    I’ll have to try those products. Are they vegan or just natural? Sometimes it’s hard to find something that’s both and works well. Same is true for makeup; my fave is RMS Beauty, but it’s not entirely vegan (there are bee products in it). Sometimes I end up going the “beegan” route when it comes to what I put on my skin, just to keep it natural and find something that works for me, too (I have very sensitive skin).

  2. THanks for the compliment!!! I’m sure when I am 50 or 60 and she is in her prime you will be able to tell!! LOL

    The products are vegan!! Seriously, check them out…they are super amazing…I have never heard of RMS Beauty…is it online only?? See I do bee products…so that wouldn’t bother me….I use bee pollen in my smoothies…and my kids eat honey…I don’t care for the taste of it though…would rather have real maple syrup as a sweetener!! 🙂 Do you ever use agave??? It seems like you always use date paste??

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      I looked at the site and some are vegan, while others have bee products. I’m always on the fence with that. I go back and forth, although I am currently using RMS Beauty uncover, living luminizer, eye shadows and lip2cheeks. You can buy them online at places like Futurenatural, one lucky duck, live-live, the spirit beauty lounge, the RMS Beauty website, etc. It’s advertised as being organic raw makeup. Gissele Bundchen wears it. Gorgeous!

      I used to use agave most of the time for a sweetener, but cut back after all the back press. Now, I either rely on fruit to sweeten things (like with the date paste) or maple syrup.

  3. Your baby sis is very talented! I’ve wanted to try Annmarie’s products for a while, but I’ve had some negative experiences with natural products (and the crappy conventional ones, of course). Let us know how they work over time. And, no, you don’t look 15 years older! I love that you two are obviously close.

  4. You and your sister look amazing! And the 15 years between the 2 of you… who can tell?!
    We have 14 years difference with my brother too 🙂

    The natural cosmetic is a must. I try to use only bio / organic / natural on me, because the skin is actually the biggest human organ, so it absorbs faster than anything you eat…

  5. Hi, I enjoy your comments on babycenter! Thanks for the great review, I’ve been researching this topic for a few months already and haven’t made my mind up. I’ve tried dr Haushka, and have looked imto acure, sanre, suki. But havent msde up mind.I can’t wait to take a closer look at your recommended product.

    Congrats on looking so great! How long have you been a healthy eater? Sure paying off!

    Btw, once you recommended a home organic delivery service, can u remind me the name? I use a coop, but would like my sister to start using your service. Tia!!

    • HI! THanks for the compliment!!! I have been slowly changing my diet for the last 5 years including going vegetarian!!
      I use a company called Door to Door Organics…I am not sure if they have delivery in all areas or not. I really love having produce delivered to my door though!!
      Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment!!! 🙂

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