Hot Raw Chef 5 in 5 Recipe Contest

About a month back I came across a contest that really sparked my interest…

it was the

Hot Raw Chef 5 in 5 Recipe Contest

I thought long and hard about this contest because you needed to make a video!!

I did enter the Raw Ice Cream Sandwich Contest and this one was less intimidating because it only required some pictures and a written recipe……


a video?????

I have had video phobia for 2 years now….well, okay all of my life!!!

 I have always hated getting my picture taken and you can always find me ducking behind someone else right before the picture is taken….so the thought of seeing and hearing my own voice on a video was very intimidating.

I thought about this contest for weeks…..even picked out a recipe and planned how to film….but then I chickened out!!

Well, the day that the submission was due my husband came home from work and convinced me to give it a try!

I hurriedly reapplied my make up and fixed my hair….changed my shirt..added some earrings….cleaned my kitchen…and set up with all of the supplies!


My husband had to set up outside and film me through our kitchen window to get the angle right….so he stood on a ladder outside with a video camera looking into the kitchen….I’m sure the neighbors wanted to ask questions!!

(If you watch the video you can see parts of the window frame even!!)

Another obstacle – airplanes kept flying overhead and we had to stop filming each time because it was so loud!!!  We only live 5 miles from a major airport and they fly over our house everyday…I just never realized how often and how loud they were until I needed quiet!!!!  LOL

We also had to deal with birds chirping (listen closely…it sounds like we filmed in the Amazon) and our neighbors dog barking (you can hear this too..he was barking at my husband!!).

PLUS….because we were filming this all at 8:30 at night the mosquitos were attacking my poor hubby who was trying to hold the camera so steady!!!  There is even one part of the video where a fly zooms through the window and into my house!!!

So….after what seemed to be 100 takes we finally stopped filming and decided we would just work with what we had.

Good thing my hubby also knows a little about IMOVIE and could do some editing!!!  He even tried to drowned out all the background noise by adding some music!

Well, I hope I have sparked your interest about my very FIRST video ever made!!!

I had to set up a YouTube Channel so come and visit me as I hope to start making more videos soon!!!

Here is what I decided on for my recipe submission:



This is a PEOPLE’S CHOICE contest!!!  That means I need YOUR vote!!!

So, all you have to do is go to and enter your name and email address and then click to vote for my video!!  PLUS… is what you receive for voting!

As our thanks for your vote, you’ll receive a FREE recipe eBook of the recipes that these chefs have prepared in their videos and be entered into our drawing. In order to receive your free recipe eBook, you must submit your email address on this voter registration form.

One vote per person.

Voting starts on July 2nd and ends July 15th!

I would very much appreciate your vote!!!

Now – here is the video on YouTube!!!  🙂

To vote you will have to go to to see all of the entries- I am entry #30

Samantha Gibbs-Party Cucumbers

Fill out your name and email and it will take you to the voting page….find my name and click!!!

Then share this with all of your friends, family members, and make your spouse vote too!!!  🙂


Come find me on Facebook!!!


21 thoughts on “Hot Raw Chef 5 in 5 Recipe Contest

  1. You bet I will! I am so happy that you entered. I wanted to but could not get it done. I will gladly vote for you. I love your story of doing the video. Wow how you had to deal with all of those obstacles. Sounds like my household. 🙂

  2. I voted for you! Great video!! I think this is a great recipe! I especially like it because it uses familiar ingredients which makes it less intimidating to “newbies” and those I’m beginning to convert. Thanks!!

  3. wow, you seem like a natural on camera! i love that recipe – perfect summer pickies!

    ps – i didn’t notice the noise, though i did notice how clean your kitchen is.;)

    pps – voted for you!=)

    • hahahhaha…..I am so NOT!!! LOL If you only knew my history of ducking when the video cam comes out to film the kids!!! LOL
      I also wished my kitchen looked that clean everyday!! BUT, usually it has sticky kid foot prints throughout the floor, handprints on my fridge, and dishes sitting on the counter!!! LOL

  4. I only heard the birds because you mentioned them… loved the video… hope you win!!! I’ll pass it on.

  5. GOOD FOR YOU for going for it! Like I was telling Shannon at Rawdorable earlier today, I too had to get over some major fears to make my video last time…but clearly, it paid off in spades!
    Good luck in the contest!

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