I love summertime…..

my family thrives in the summertime….we truly need to live somewhere that has a warm climate year round!!

This is much better than


My family loves summertime for many reasons……let me name a few….

THE BEACH!!!!!  We vacation at the beach every summer…..we all wish we lived on a beach!!!

LONG BIKE RIDES!!!  We take long bike trips with the kids on the backs of our bikes…both of our kids are still under 50 lbs and still fit in the bike carrier 🙂  We usually pack a backpack and ride the whole day….our latest adventure involved a trail in a forest, poison ivy, mosquitos the size of frogs, getting lost for at least an hour, coming to a dead end and having to turn around and backtrack, and me falling twice into a patch of GREEN LEAVES!!!  We made it out alive though….no poison ivy but we did manage to get eaten by the ravaging mosquitos and I would not suggest riding trails with kids on the back of the bikes….but it was an adventure to say the least!!

THE ZOO!!!  We have a zoo membership and go as often as we can….we LOVE spending time at the zoo!!

VACATIONS!!!  We love to get away anytime that we can -who doesn’t love vacations!!!???


Themed parties are always so fun!!!


My son graduated from his 4 year old preschool class and now he is ready for kindergarten!!!


We like to find organic berry patches and eat, I mean pick as many berries as we can!!!  🙂

YES, we love summer!!!!

What do you look forward to during the summer???

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20 thoughts on “Summertime!!!

  1. I am sooo with you! I should’ve appreciated Southern California more when we lived there. Winter makes me want to hibernate. Protein–nuts, seeds, veggies, and occasional beans.

  2. Maybe we’ll see you at the zoo sometime! And where did you find organic berries that are U-pick? My sister and I love to pick our own, but we’ve had trouble finding organic farms.

  3. You really should come live out here in California!!! It’s such a difference-being in constant sunshine…such an easy life. I don’t know how I survived the midwest (where I’m from) but am so glad I happened upon the west coast. I love the pictures of your family-sooooo cute!!

    • I wish we could!!! If there is ever an opportunity for a job then we would move there!!! Just the growing season alone would be great…we only get about 4 months!!!

  4. Great post. I love the pictures of the beach and water. I love vacations, however I have not had one in a long time. My son has special needs so our choices have to be modified a bit. Might be a long road trip or something in the near future.:)

  5. We go to the Oregon coast every summer and spend a week at my parents house. It usually works out that we go there when there’s a major heat wave in our town. We escape the 110 degree weather and cool off at the beach in 60 degree weather. I love it! We go searching for agates, build sandcastles, fly kites, etc.

  6. Your family is so beautiful! My family also thrives more in the summer than fall or winter 😀 We love all the things your family does during the summer too..beach, parks, gardening, bike rides, vacations, birthday parties, bbq’s with friends and family…ahhh the list goes on. Such a wonderful time of the year! 🙂

  7. You have such a beautiful family!!! Summertime is definitely the best time of the year, I just love it! Fall is a close second, but the energy I have during the warmer months makes it all the better 🙂

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