How to make fruit and veggie kabobs….

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

We opted to stay home this year and work in our yard…

We planted perennials in our front yard and added cedar mulch all around the plants mostly to help with weed control but also just because it looks nice.

We also finally planted some of our garden……

we are trying out this black tarp contraption that we picked up at Home Depot….its supposed to help with weeds…

we’ll see…

We planted 3 varieties of organic tomatoes…

organic red pepper, organic green pepper, organic jalepeno pepper, and some sort of other organic spicy hot pepper….

we need lots of room for our cucumber and zucchini plants…

and then we have

our strawberry patch….

we also planted some basil and cilantro and I still need to do all of my lettuces…kale, chard, and a few varieties of salad lettuces.

We alos planted Marigold’s all along the border of the garden…I have heard this is a good critter control.

For dinner I decided to have a kabob themed night….so I taught the kiddies how to skew…

First, I gave them bowls of fruit…oranges, strawberries, grapes and apple slices and showed them how to poke them and slide them down the skewer…

they had lots of fun and actually did a great job!!

Very Nice!!!

They did such a great job that I let them do the veggie kabobs too!!

This time they got red pepper, green pepper, onion, and a few slices of zucchini…

these little chefs in training produced these amazing looking kabobs!


I found this bottle of BBQ sauce the other day and decided to buy it and try it out….my hubby loves Sweet Baby Rays sauce but the first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup…BLAH!!  I have been in search of a great BBQ sauce as a substitute…

We drizzled it all over the kabobs…

added a little sea salt and garlic powder…

and broiled it for a few minutes….

I also made some rice in my rice cooker…

and of course we had to have some watermelon!

 forgot to take pics of everything plated….oh well….by the way hubby LIKED the BBQ sauce!!!


It was a good day!!!

What did you do??

What fun foods did you eat????

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20 thoughts on “How to make fruit and veggie kabobs….

  1. I love your strawberry patch! How old is it? I intended on putting one in last year…just got our garden in on Saturday =) Marigolds do work great in my experience. We have since had to put up a fence of sorts to keep the neighborhood cat out of the garden;) you know to poop! yuck. There’s a good recipe for BBQ sauce in Veganomicon. Today we had green smoothies, raw granola, yummy salad, split pea soup, and raw cheesecake. Oh and I ate about half of a watermelon 😉 Happy Weekend to you!

    • THanks! It is probably 3 years old….but we have a problem with ants nibbling on our strawberries before we pick them!!!
      Your meal sounds better than ours!!! lol

  2. Your garden looks great.I soooo want to garden, but my efforts produced such pitiful results last year that I didn’t have heart to give it a shot this year. Maybe I’ll start smaller–cherry tomatoes in pots on the deck.

  3. I’m totally gonna steal your kabob idea with the fruit! My kids would LOVE that! And the BBQ’d veggie kabobs look tasty too-what a great alternative to meat to grill! We grilled veggie burgers with vegan pepperjack cheese…mmm. I should’ve made some veggie kabobs too. Love the idea!!

    • Thanks-I sure hope it takes off this year!! The last few years we have had a much bigger garden but this year are seeds all died 😦 I left them overnight outside and it got too cold out….the little plants didn’t stand a chance!!!

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