Ways I get my kids to eat healthy….

I posted awhile back about foods that my family likes to eat-if you didn’t see the post you can read it here.

It was such a fun post and I received so many great comments that I wanted to show more pics of what we have been eating lately!!!

My daughter’s new favorite is fresh papaya with fresh squeezed lime juice!!!

I am not a HUGE fan of papaya plain but it is really great with lime juice…..if you tried papaya before and you weren’t crazy about it-try it again this way!!

My husband has been enjoying this in his lunches….

fresh strawberries, raspberries, and bananas sprinkled with dried blueberries and cacao nibs.  This is so yummy and I love to eat it too!!!  I also love to drizzle it with some almond butter!!

This has been one of my favorites lately…..these are oat groats that were soaked and dehydrated.  I mixed them with almond butter and topped them with fresh raspberries, cacao nibs and some almond milk!!

I also make it with fresh strawberries!!!

I also tried these drinks….KeVita….they are a fermented coconut water…delicious!!!

But, I am really loving my own homemade brews of kombucha!

My son enjoys his fruit all alone….this is a starfruit, his daily choices though include apples, bananas, and oranges.

My kids like to eat their oranges sliced really thin so they can pull the skin off and eat orange rounds!

I also have to show my kids favorite lunch…..kale salad, watermelon, snap peas and honeydew!!!

We eat kale salad a few times a week!!!

My kids like to drink fresh squeezed orange juice with chia seeds!!

OH, and let’s not forget our new favorite!!

For an occasional treat we indulge in Coconut Ice Cream….these are amazing!!!

SO much better than any dairy ice cream I have EVER had!!

Last, but not least….GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

We love green smoothies around here….I make one for my husband to take to work everyday, I have one for breakfast every morning, and my kids enjoy them during meal or snack times!!


All this yummy food turns my kids into SUPERHEROS!!!

I hope you enjoyed…..what is your family favorites???

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33 thoughts on “Ways I get my kids to eat healthy….

  1. This all looks great. Looks like the best fed family!! Family favourites. Well my daughter loves cacao nibs, avocado she also like some other undesirables that we are working on transitioning from:)

  2. Sounds great! Will have to try the papaya / lemon combination 🙂

    Our favorites are a smoothie for breakfast, huge salad with crackers for lunch and a raw dessert for an afternoon snack. Especially the dessert :)))

  3. I love this post and am excited to share what we’ve been eating. First, Smoothies EVERYDAY! Today it was a banana,raspberry, romaine, and lime YUM!!! My fav so far has been the banana, strawberry, pineapple, Kale. My 14 month old twins have them for a snack and I have it for breakfast. I made a big salad I’ve been eating all week. It is Kale, spinach, green and red peppers, mushrooms, and tomatos…so good. My husband said, “Great salad! I didn’t even notice it wasn’t real lettuce.” LOL! Nuts….such a great snack. Avocado lime dip with tortilla chips or as a spread on a sandwich…so good. Fresh juice, mostly orange but last night when I got home from the gym I wanted something different so I made apple, celery, spinach & lime juice and it was delicious! Matcha tea instead of coffee. Can’t wait to try the papaya with lime! I used to throw out half my produce and I haven’t thrown anything out in weeks :o)

  4. My goal is to try one new fruit once a month. I do like that ice cream in your post though and really want to get some.

  5. I have to admit to eating quite a bit of that coconut ice cream when I was nursing and had to cut dairy. You can find it in the organic section at Kroger and Zerbos also. My fav was the mint chocolate.

  6. Samantha! You are such an inspiration to me to be healthier!! Thank you! and I love that you post the pictures too–hehe–you’re making me hungry! 😉
    God bless,

  7. Im not a papaya fan either but ill have to try it with lime next time, I love the kevita drinks but agree kombucha is better.. and ill have to keep that ice cream in mind next time im out, it sounds delicious!

  8. I didn’t know TJ’s had their coconut milk ice cream! Cool, gonna have to check it out. Yummeee! My son loves pretty much the same things your kids do. Apples, kiwis, oranges, and mangoes especially. I didn’t use to like papaya but now I do and it’s great with young coconut too. 🙂 All of your cereals look so good! What a great way to start the day (or have as a snack). I’ve tried the Kevita and not a big fan. Found it just okay. I prefer GT’s or homemade best. But I am going to have to try orange juice with chia seeds. Great idea!

  9. Love all the eats for your family! You show that you can feed a family raw foods that are basic and not spend the entire day dehydrating!

  10. Such great ideas!!! Your kids are super healthy with what they eat-amazing! (Good job, mama!). How do you make the homemade kombucha? And how the heck do you clean the chia seeds out of those glass straws? I’ve been struggling with that one myself!

    • Thanks!! Homemade kombucha is so easy!!! I wrote a post on it earlier this month…I just rinse them as soon as they have finished drinking them so they don’t dry in there!! If they do I use a q-tip pushed through with a chopstick!! LOL

  11. Yea Lauren! =)
    Awesome superheroes and superhero food!!!
    I haven’t been a huge fan of solo papaya either, I will try it again with your trick. Love seeing all of your awesome food and that you got the Kevita. I love that you do chia in orange juice, I’ll have to find some juicing oranges and give that a whirl. I’ve been eating chia everyday recently. I did just see a drink called Mama Chia I believe at plum market, chia and fruit juices if I remember correctly. I didn’t know TJ has coco ice cream!

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