Amazing Grass Products and Giveaway!!

I love smoothies, juices, and salads……

I love eating green foods and feeling good about putting great food into my body and into my kids!!

I also feel good when I find great supplemental products that can add to my food choices….

have you ever heard of

Amazing Grass??

They are a company that sells organic and green superfoods!!

I was lucky enough to do a review of some of their products!!

Check out what they sent me!!!

I tried one of the bars first and really liked it-I placed the rest in my purse and car for those times that I was out and would have no food available but needed something.  I liked the ones with chocolate but I didn’t care for the berry flavored one….just my personal preference though.  I thought it would have tasted better covered in chocolate but not everyone is a chocolate lover like me!!!  🙂

They were great for those times that I was hungry and had nothing with me!!!

I could eat and know that I was still putting good quality ingredients into my body!

I was very impressed with all of the Amazing Meal packets and the Vanilla Chai packet.  My favorite being the chocolate flavored Amazing Meal……I could see myself having one of these smoothies everyday!

I just mixed the packet with almond milk, a banana and ice and blended it up!!

I threw some cacao nibs on top for fun!!!

I also really enjoyed the Orange Creamsicle Green Superfood….I mixed it with coconut milk in the shaker cup they sent me!!!  It was so quick and easy!!!  GREAT afternoon snack!!!

This one I just added to water and shook up…..but I didn’t love it.  It was lemon-lime flavored so I threw it in the blender with a banana and some stevia and  blended it into a smoothie and it was much better!!!

There were several kid packets and I tried all of them with my kids and they drank them!!  I blended each of the kid flavored packets with almond milk, ice, and a banana and served it to them with lunch and they had no idea they were drinking a powder drink mix filled with added nutrients!!!

These mixes are amazing! Here is the ingredient list!!!  I am listing from WildBerry Kids Superfood drink Mix: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, asparagus, lima bean, green peas, kale, kiwi, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans zucchini, apricot, carrots, mangos, pineapple, sweet potato, tangerine, yellow squash, pomegranates, raspberries, guavas, cranberries, red cabbage, cherries, tomatoes, beets, plums, grapes, and blueberries!!


That is amazing!!!  What’s more amazing is that my kids drank it and liked it!!!


I would recommend these products for kids or adults…..and I am giving one lucky reader a chance to try some of the products out for themselves!!

The winner will receive 9 sample packets including one kids sample!!!

Here is how you can enter!!

Please leave individual comments for each of the following below. Be sure to also leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. 

1. Become a fan of  Color Wheel Meals on facebookLeave a comment on this post saying you did.

2. Sign up to receive my newsletters and blog posts!!  Leave a comment saying that you did!! 

3. Share this contest on your blog, linking back to this post. Leave a comment to let me know you did.

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6. Post a link to this contest on your Facebook page and then leave a comment that you did.

Good Luck!!!  Winner will be randomly drawn on May 16th!!!! Winner will be notified by email.

Want to enter another giveaway????

Check out Healthy Hoggin’s website!!



58 thoughts on “Amazing Grass Products and Giveaway!!

  1. We love Amazing Grass! I think the berry flavor is delicious. Just goes to show that everyone is different. 🙂 I’ve never tried the Orange Creamsicle but it sounds so good! Our kids had no idea that they were drinking anything other than their regular smoothies. Good stuff!

  2. I’ve never tried their products, but I’m certainly interested in those kinds of things! It’s hard to find something good AND that tastes good. 🙂 I’ll have to check it out!

    lisagoneaussie (at)

  3. I LOVE the pictures of your kiddos drinking their greens. I wish my little bundle would do that too (I have to sneak hers in).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I read your Blog regarding the Green Super Food. I would like to sign up for your Give Away.

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your information.

  5. I shared this on Facebook. I have never tried Amazing Grass, but have thought about it. I wonder how they make their product. I would guess they dehydrate or freeze dry and pulverize…do you know?

  6. I love Amazing Grass. I must say that is a huge spread they sent you. So awesome. Haven’t tried half those flavours yet.

    I am following you on twitter no. (can’t believe we didn’t connect that way yet)

  7. You know I get your e-newsletter. I even mentioned your site to someone who commented on mine the other day. She was looking for tips to get her 5-year-old son to eat more fruits and veggies. I knew exactly where to send her.

  8. I’m a wee bit late here so no entry for me 😦 but great review. I’ve tried one of their bars (w/chocolate) and it was okay but I think I might try one of their packets in a smoothie. Kids and smoothies – so awesome! My kiddo loves smoothies too. 🙂

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