Have you ever heard of Kombucha??

Kombucha is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture.

Health benefits of kombucha:

*Probiotics – healthy bacteria
*Alkalinize the body – balances internal pH
*Detoxify the liver – happy liver = happy mood
*Increase metabolism – rev your internal engine
*Improve digestion – keep your system moving
*Rebuild connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism
*Cancer prevention
*Alleviate constipation
*Boost energy – helps with chronic fatigue
*Reduce blood pressure
*Relieve headaches & migraines
*Reduce kidney stones
*High in antioxidants – destroy free-radicals that cause cancer
*High in polyphenols
*Improve eyesight
*Heal excema – can be applied topically to soften the skin
*Prevent artheriosclerosis
*Speed healing of ulcers – kills h.pylori on contact
*Help clear up candida & yeast infections
*Aid healthy cell regeneration
*Reduce gray hair
*Lower glucose levels – prevents spiking from eating

It is said that kombucha has been consumed for over thousands of years and has been named “The Tea of Immortality”.

It has been used in China, Russia, Japan and Eastern Europe.

My first experience with Kombucha was with GT’s Kombucha that can be bought at any health food store.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it…and it kind of smelled funny.  I took a few more sips and then placed it in my fridge.  The next day I drank some more and liked it much better.  After that I would pick one up each time I went to the health food store.

This started my addiction to kombucha……..

and then one day a friend of mine gave me a piece of this culture to start brewing my own…….


If you have never heard of or seen kombucha it may look a little weird and even gross…..but as strange as it may seem, I promise it tastes wonderful!!!!

You start by brewing black tea and mixing in some sugar……..

Once this mixture has cooled you add in the kombucha starter……

This is the part that looks gross!!!! LOL

You cover this with a cotton cloth and set in a warm environment and wait for about 7-10 days…..

you end up with this fizzy drink called kombucha!!!  At this point you pour it into glass containers (I reuse my glass bottles) and then add fruit for flavorings.

I have a lot of fun with this part!!!!

I have made:














there are endless possibilities in flavoring kombucha!!!

so yummy!!!!

Have you ever made kombucha?

Have you ever tasted it??

Would you taste it??

Come and find me on facebook for more tips!!!


32 thoughts on “Kombucha!!

  1. I need to start making it again. I bought some recently and it’s just so much more economical to make your own! I’ve never flavored it, though. Do you just add juice to it when it’s done?

  2. Great post. I have had it many times. I like the flavoured ones. However I have never made it myself. I have had some issues with fermenting. Well I have made rejuvelac and water kefir and both failed. So I thought I would wait before I try the Kombucha. Love all your flavour profiles.

      • Hey Samantha, thanks for spreading the Kombucha love! 🙂 If your readers are looking for a site devoted entirely to Kombucha, I run Kombucha Kamp. It’s totally free and no ads, just lots of info and Kombucha making supplies.

        Also a little piece of advice for your readers: If you can’t find a kombucha culture from a friend, make sure to get one from a reputable online source, and make sure it is not:
        1. Pint jar sized (takes a few cycles to get going)
        2. Test Tube Sized (seriously, some people send test tubes)
        3. Dehydrated (gets moldy)

        I’d be honored if you came and checked out my site. 🙂 Long live homebrewed Kombucha!

        Peace & Love,

        Hannah Crum
        The Kombucha Mamma

  3. Have never tasted it and am curious. I was led away from it b/c the comment was made that it is a stimulant and high in sugar, I love all the good info you gave about it in your post. Thank you.
    Peace and Raw Health,
    (homeschool Mom to 5)

  4. yes, I make it here too. My only flavor so far has been ginger, yum (as GT’s gingeraide is my favorite) How long do you think the brew is good for once it’s done and stored in the fridge? I’ve had my last batch in the fridge for like 2.5 months now :/ somehow I got out of the habit of drinking it!

  5. I just got a scoby from a friend and am half chickening out already before even trying it. Some sites say you can virtually decaf the tea by changing the water 30 seconds after adding the tea bags, so that helps. I’m a little concerned about temperature variation, possibly too much vinegar (I hate vinegar), not to mention the apparently rare but possible acidosis or contamination. I bet a pot lid doesn’t really keep out bacteria. Not sure a tea towel cover does either.

    But I suppose I ought to at least give it a try. I like the idea of adding fruit to it.

    • I was chicken too at first!! I saved mine for about a month before I decided to go for it!!! Check out Kombucha Kamp for some great video how to’s!!!

      • I didn’t know you could save a scoby that long. I was just wondering what to do with the scoby once this first batch is done fermenting, since it will take this chicken a loooong time to drink three quarts of the stuff, so I don’t want to start another batch right away.

        And yes, I went ahead and started it today; using the ginger peach tea. It seems a little oily on top, guessing that’s from the peach flavor; but you haven’t had trouble with your scoby not liking flavor oils? Oh, and it barely fits in my biggest pyrex — no possibility of moving it without spilling. Gonna have to look around for a gallon jar.

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