Are My Kids Getting Fruit and Veggies in Their Easter Baskets?

The question is:

What are you filling your kids easter baskets with????

Will my kids be waking up to a basket of fruit?

I actually received fruit in my Easter basket one year growing up….I don’t know what my parents were thinking…they had all kinds of candy in there and then added an apple and an orange….I remember being very unimpressed and even a little disappointed.

Well, I would LOVE it if my kids got so excited over fruit that if I filled a basket with it they would jump for joy…..but they have access to TONS of fruits and veggies at their fingertips everyday.

They can eat whatever they want off of this nook at any time of day without asking……

so why would this be exciting??

To answer the question…..

my children’s baskets will not be filled with fruit or veggies this year…..

I am actually planning on buying each of them a cute little “stuffy” (this is what they call stuffed animals),

they will each receive an educational book, and probably a game, puzzle, kite, bubbles, etc.


instead of buying into the chemically processed, highly dyed, trans fat laden bags of junk – I am making homemade treats to place into their little baskets!!!!

I spent an hour this evening after my 2 lovelies went to sleep making little treats for their baskets…..

First, I started with this 100% dairy free chocolate-remember my little guy has allergies to dairy!

I broke it into pieces…

and then melted it over a double broiler.  Next I poured a small amount of chocolate into these little mini cupcake holders and placed them in the freezer for about 2 minutes until they had hardened.

Next, I got to work on the filling!!!

My son is also allergic to nuts-so we use Sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter.

I took some of the sunflower seed butter and mixed it with some gluten free flour and some organic cane sugar.

I did not measure any of the ingredients-I was aiming for the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups consistency though.

Next, I had to roll them into tiny little balls….

and then I placed them into the little holders.

Then I poured more chocolate over the tops…..

and back in the freezer they went.

I had to taste test three  one….

They were so delicious!!!!!!!!

My husband even taste tested one and said they were “SERIOUS!!!!!”

So, I bagged them up and hid them in the fridge!!!

Next, I started on some caramel treats……

I placed melted chocolate into half egg shaped molds making sure to coat the sides evenly….

while those set up in the freezer I worked on the caramel….

did you know that dates make a great caramel substitute???

I soaked my dates in almond milk for about a half hour…

I added a dash of salt and some vanilla and blended on high for a good minute or two….



 I poured some caramel into my molds…

Then I topped it with more melted chocolate.

Back in the freezer they went and soon I had these……


One accidentally broke……

So Good!!!!!

The caramel was creamy and it kind of reminded me of those cadbury eggs with the “yolk” inside….

except much, much yummier…..:)

So, these are the treats my kids will be finding in their baskets this year-I wouldn’t go as far as saying these are healthy  and I am sure there are a ton of better options than this.

However, I make it a point to feed my children fruits and veggies every single day of their lives and I don’t feel guilty making special treats for them once in awhile-especially on a holiday!

What is your opinion on this?

What are your kids getting in their baskets??

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59 thoughts on “Are My Kids Getting Fruit and Veggies in Their Easter Baskets?

  1. Wow. Yum! I will be making these in the future! This year we are giving candy, but he’s only getting a chocolate bunny and those teeny Cadbury eggs (that I know he’ll love to share with Mommy). He’s also getting a book, a child sized broom and dust pan, bubbles, and a child sized mug.
    We’re slowly making the transition to healthier eating (if I take on too much, I tend to get overwhelmed and give up) and buying only that small amount of candy is a big step for me on a holiday!

  2. You are awesome. I love the little bags. They are so cute. I am giving my daughter a dvd and some crafts. Probably a dark 80-90% chocolate bar for her homemade hot chocolates. I am not worried about what I give her, however I know that relatives will get the other stuff.

    Curious as to if your children get offered other treats from relatives?

    • Thanks Sasha!!
      That sounds like a fun basket too!!!
      My relatives do get my kids treats usually, but it is hard with the food allergies for them to find candy that they could have anyways so it is usually bubbles or coloring books and things like that!!! 🙂

  3. I’m making the sunbutter cups, too, but I never knew that you could make caramels out of dates! We can’t do almond milk; do you think it would work with coconut milk?

    We usually do a little toy or two, a book, and some homemade candies for Easter baskets. We’re also going to dye eggs with natural dyes.

  4. Samantha,
    You are AMAZING!!! I don’t know if I can make the home made candy in time for this year but my kids are for sure getting some fruit, toys (They love those squinkies) They love unusual fruit….so maybe some mango’s, kiwi or star fruit.

    Keep up the great work!!! You are so inspiring!

  5. This is amazing!!! I am in love with your blog!!!!!!! I can’t wait to try these recipes. The dates kind of scare me though.

  6. My husband has been begging me to find healthy sweets and this was just the info I needed!! I’m gonna give them a try this week!! Thanks!

  7. Is it weird that I’m a little jealous of your kids’ fruit nook? ;P

    Your sun butter cups look AMAZING! I’m told that adding a pinch of nutritional yeast to a nut butter filling like that imitates the Reese’s flavor. Love the gooey caramel eggs too!

    • hahahah…..very funny!!! I bought mine at Target for $30 so you can have one too!!! 🙂
      I have heard of that tip but I was honestly a little afraid to do it!! LOL Have you tried it??

  8. Are you kidding me?! Can I be your kid? 😉 Those treats look sooooo yummy! I adore that brand of sunbutter. I used to use it to make treats all the time when my son was in a peanut free preschool classroom. I made sunbutter cookies for snack day and the girl with the allergies was kind of skeptical when i told her she could have them. 🙂

    my kids are getting some candy and then they’re getting sandals and legos. we have been transitioning for years, too, and sugar is a biggie that must be tackled around here. we don’t eat a lot of added sugar, and much of what we have is honey or maple syrup but STILL there is plenty of room for improvement! I am proud, though, that my almost-6-yr-old comes home from school and tells me that other kids comment on his “weird” lunches that contain raw spinach and chick peas. they think it’s yucky. the part that makes me proud is that my son is very sensitive to other kids’ comments but he still takes his lunch and eats it all, happily.

    • lolololol……
      I love that story of your son…I can almost see the commotion in the lunch room!!! I took oranges to my sons preschool for a snack and some of the kids had never tasted an orange before!!!! REALLY!!!!!

  9. Those recipes look FABULOUS! thank you so much! I can candy-make way better than I can bake so If i need a treat i’m totally making these!!!!

    I grew up getting a basket with a few sugary treats and lots of small toys, hair bows, etc… and always LOVED my baskets. I think I would want to recreate that for my kids with maybe a piece of their fav fruit thrown into the mix! I like your idea of just a few homemade treats and a stuffed animal =)

    quite fabulous! ❤

  10. Hi Samantha! Your Easter basket looks impressive from those pics. I don’t do Easter baskets or gifts, but I do let my son run around w/ the other kids after church on Easter Sunday, looking for those plastic eggs :).

    I have a question. I noticed you said that you let your kids eat fruit whenever they want without asking.

    But I heard from someone once who took a nutrition course, that if you mix fruit w/ other foods, they can’t digest as well, and that it’s better to eat fruit apart from other foods and give them a half hour head start before eating something else. Is that true?

    • Well, there is the school of thought about food combining and how fruit digests quickly and other foods take longer to digest….optimally you would want to eat fruit alone but I don’t get really picky about it with my kids….I would rather have them come and take a banana or orange when they are hungry then ask for some pretzels or chips!! LOL I guess it would depend on how each persons digestion reacts and my kids are probably young enough to not have any issues!! 🙂

  11. My twins are too little for candy. Although it would be fun for me to make a basket, they are only 1 so they wouldn’t know the difference. We chose to buy them a climber for outside in the yard instead. However, I hope to remember these recipes in the future! They look amazing! I have such a big sweet tooth and I am a big chocoholic. I want so badly to break myself of this so that my kids don’t turn out the same way.

  12. My kids do get chocolate in their baskets but I always make sure they also get something that isn’t junk. This year it’s garden tools. They love digging in the yard.

  13. I ADORE YOU!!! Homemade Easter treats? A girl after my own heart!!! Though I don’t have kids, this is definitely something that is going on my to do list for nieces and nephews until it is my time to be a mom!

    Thank you for showing the world that you can have indulgent treats that ARENT packed with garbage!! Treats are great but it’s the artificial “science project gone wrong” ingredients that really cause the problems in the long run!!

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  15. Hi Samantha,
    YUM! Love the SunButter recipe (of course, since I blog for SunButter). But as a fellow candy-maker (I use that term loosely in my case) for the kids’ Easter baskets, I really appreciate the date caramel egg creation. And I still have time to make them before the Bunny arrives. Thanks much.

  16. You Rawk! Honestly this is so great! Those treats look delicious. Your children are so lucky to have such a fab mom who cares so much! Again, you rawk!

  17. I LOVE your nook, how awesome!
    Your sunbutter cups and caramel eggs look and sounds so good! We make almond and PB cups here, I can’t believe how good they are. Are you leaving a basket in my house too? 😉 Haha, have a great weekend! The weather was super today.
    Thanks for checking in on me! Good grief it’s been a while, I’m back =)

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  19. Yummy! My son is still young enough to get by without any candy of any sort in his basket. Soon though I’ll have to come up with alternatives to the nasty stuff. Your truffles look so good! Must try that – I’m sure my son would love those someday!

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