Wheatgrass juice and review

Have you ever had wheatgrass juice?

I have always wanted to try it because I have read that the health benefits are amazing!

Did you know?

Wheatgrass has the following properties:
•Detoxifies the liver
•Cleanses the colon
•Leads to a tangible energy boost
•Boosts the immune system
•Purifies blood as Chlorophyll has similar molecular structure to hemoglobin – a component of blood
•Very rich in chlorophyll
•Contains 97 enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals made famous in the US by Dr. Ann Wigmore in treatment of cancer
•Experience less colds as your resistance to infection increases
•Contains more protein per ounce than beef

When I was given the opportunity to review a manual wheatgrass juicer I was ecstatic!!

The people at Lexen Products were kind enough to send me one of their manual wheatgrass juicers for a review!!

When I received this in the mail I immediately opened it and put it together – I was extremely excited to have my first shot of wheatgrass!!

I had picked up 2 small containers of wheatgrass from a local store-

My kids were actually pretty excited about this whole process too so I figured  I would let them help.

I like this juicer because it is small and doesn’t take up a bunch of space in my tiny little kitchen!!

I got the juicer all ready while my daughter used scissors to cut and trim the wheatgrass…I wish I had a picture of her doing this…it almost looked as though she was giving the wheatgrass a haircut!!  🙂

So, once we had a bunch of little grass clippings…yes, it looked exactly like what comes out of my lawn mower…my son assisted me in placing it into the juicer.

It is a manual juicer and it was somewhat tough to continuously turn the handle…not something my kids could do but they got a kick out of watching the juice be extracted and the pulp come out of the end.

My son even decided to chew on the pulp but as soon as he started chewing he spit it out….guess it wasn’t too yummy!!!  LOL

I knew that my kids would probably not like the strong taste of the wheatgrass but I really wanted them to like it….I was a little apprehensive as well-so I decided to take the extracted juice and dilute it with a little cold water and then we added fresh squeezed lemon and a squirt of vanilla stevia extract.

The final results looked like this!

Look at that bright green color!!!  BEAUTIFUL!!!!


It tasted amazing!!!  Even my kids loved it!!!

I am sure we wouldn’t have had such a great experience without the lemon and stevia though!!

The only downfall to juicing wheatgrass is how much grass you actually have to juice to get a good amount of liquid.

 I wasn’t aware of how much we would go through and my 2 little wheatgrass plants have only grown enough to supply us 2 times!!!

Guess I will have to invest in some more plants or try my hand at growing my own from seed.

I actually did feel like it gave me instant energy and a zip in my step!!

My kids get excited now every time I pull out the juicer too!!!

It also juices other greens so next on the list is going to be kale and spinach!!!  MMMMMM…….

All in all I am so happy with this juicer!!!  Plus, it isn’t that expensive either!!!

If you want to learn more about this product you can visit their website here.


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17 thoughts on “Wheatgrass juice and review

  1. I have never tried wheatgrass…but after your review, I may just do that. It is great that your kids were excited about it as well.
    We don’t currently have a juicer, I will have to check out the one you reviewed.
    Thanks for posting this great review. I learned about Wheatgrass and the manual juicer!

  2. Wow thanks for sharing. I love wheatgrass. I usually use a frozen brand from my local health food store. I pop the cube in water or a juice. I did try making it in the Vitamix as the book says you can…however it didn’t work well for me.

    That would be great if you grew your own and made your own juice. Your children are awesome. Look at those big glasses of juice!!

  3. Hi Samantha (RawkinMom)! 🙂

    I’ve had Wheatgrass and love the benefits I receive from it. The taste is like drinking “lawn.” ha ha I will have to try adding lemon to mine next time. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I have added you to mine. 🙂 Enjoy your information!!! Have a blessed day!
    JodyLynn @ Healthy Heyday

  4. We just grew our own wheatgrass! 🙂 It was actually very easy. We bought a kit that came with organic soil, seeds, and tubs to grow it in. Except now I’m finding that I need a manual juicer because big juicers just don’t juice wheatgrass very well at all, ha.

  5. How am I missing all of these posts?! I coulda sworn you’re on my blogroll – if not, I’ll fix that asap! And yeah, add the email subscribe feature. 🙂

    We have this juicer too. Works great although, it’s my hubby who uses it more often than me. 🙂 He juices kale too.

  6. I actually have that juicer and love it.
    I grow my own wheat grass…always have at least 5 very large trays growing all the times because I juice it every day 2x/day. I hope you have tried growing your own! One gets the amazing benefits by consuming it daily. Having a 2 oz shot 2x/day is all it takes. How wonderful that you gave it to your kids. I am able to get 4 of our 5 children to drink it. Wish I could get the 5th one to at least try it but I think that will not happen 😦
    Peace and Raw Health,

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