Dehydrated Goodies……

I love my dehydrator…..

actually my dehydrator is on the fritz right now so I have been borrowing my girlfriends so that I can still make some of my favorite dehydrated treats!!!

Here are some of our yummy healthy cookies!!!  You can find the recipe here.

If I am going to run the dehydrator, it makes sense to me to fill all of the trays….

So, I thought I would share some pics of my goodies!!

Happy drooling!!!  🙂

I love to season and dehydrate nuts and seeds-

here I have pumpkin seeds….

I soaked them for a little while and then drizzled them with olive oil and sea salt and stuck them in the dehydrator until they were crispy.

This is almond pulp left over from making homemade almond mylk.

I dehydrate it and then grind it in a fine flour.

Of course, I have to have some kale chips!!

Every time the dehydrator is on there are at least 3-4 trays of kale chips getting crispy!!

This is my homemade goji-vanilla granola……mmmmmm… good with almond milk!!!

These are soaked buckwheat groats…..

after soaking overnight I add olive oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast!

They sort of remind me of Goldfish crackers!!!

I also make a batch of plain buckwheat groats to use as a banana ice cream or homemade yogurt topping.

It’s also good sprinkled over fresh berries!!

Here I have mango puree…these will dehydrate into a fruit leather consistency!

Here are the easy steps!

You can eat these like fruit roll ups or use them as wrappers!!!

I like to add avocado, sprouts, cucumbers, sea salt, and cayenne pepper and then dipped in salsa-serious YUM!!!!!

These were a throw together experiment that I made with some leftover coconut, almond pulp, agave, cacao, almond butter, and vanilla…..I think I will call them coconut-cacao truffles….:)

Oh! Don’t forget about my Energy Brownies!!!  Gotta have some of those around!!!

So, which picture did you drool over the most??

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22 thoughts on “Dehydrated Goodies……

  1. Okay this post rawks! I am amazed at everything here. It is a good idea to dehydrate things at the same time. I am loving the mango wraps which I will be trying for sure and also the idea about the buckwheat. I always dehydrate and to them sweet. Your idea sounds great with the olive oil and n. yeast. Yummy. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas.

  2. Wow, Samantha! I am thoroughly in love with mango wrappers. To me, they are so reminiscent of Chinese spring rolls, but way healthier and fresher! So creative! Yum indeed! =)

  3. Hey RawkinMom – you simply ‘rawk’ at these foodie ideas and seem to make raw food interesting.

    These are all ways I could create some chippy snacks for the day. I’d love to start off with the mango and almond pulp, at least I get to milk the life off my fruits and never have to throw any pulp away again.

    Bookmarked your site – gotta come back for more ideas:)

  4. I love my dehydrator too! :)))

    The mango leather looks great, will make one soon. Isn’t it too sweet combined with the greens, how does the combinations tastes?

    • Its super yummy!!! Have you ever had mango salsa? Its a combination of sweet from the mango, spicy from the cayenne, creamy from the avocado, crunchy from the cucumber, and bitter from the sprouts!! PERFECT!!!

  5. The new site looks fabulous! Congratulations!

    Samantha, this post is so awesome and inspiring; EVERYTHING looks awesome. What kind of dehydrator is that with those funky blue trays? When you are dehydrating a bunch of various stuff, do you worry about the strong foods impacting the flavor of the other foods?

    • THanks!!!

      I use the Good4U brand dehydrator….I have never had an issue with flavors mixing….maybe if it was something very garlicky but so far never been an issue!!

  6. Dehydrator……….sounds interesting. Sounds like a new “toy” for my kitchen. I’ve heard of the kale chips sold in the stores and thought about trying them. They sound delish. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you did; I will learn a lot from you.

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