What we’ve been eating lately……

One of the things I have been doing a lot of lately is speaking to groups of people (mostly moms)and sharing ways to incorporate more fresh foods into their families diets.  I demonstrate a few recipes and let everyone sample each one.

I share ideas that have worked for my family.

I LOVE doing this because it always turns out to be such a great time!!


I always get the same question every single time-

“What do you eat?”


“What do you feed your kids?”

I always joke that I do not “cook” -instead, I “assemble!”

So, here are some pictures of our favorite things-this is not ALL we eat, nor is this the only foods we eat…..it is just the things that seem to find their way into our days most often!!

We love green smoothies

We go through lots of oranges for fresh orange juice

A yummy snack is banana, sunbutter, ground flax, maple syrup

My kids favorite lunch is kale salad

Lots of fresh fruit set out for my kids to indulge in whenever they want

We love salads-although this one was my lunch…my kids won’t eat tomatoes in their salads…go figure!!

Lunch time for my kids is always an assortment of fresh fruit, veggies, and some sort of protein.

They don’t always eat everything on their plate…they pick and choose and sometimes they trade with each other, for example my daughter may not want her cantaloupe that day but my son will eat it.  He may give her his coconut for a trade.

If there is leftovers from lunch I usually save it and serve it for dinner…if something still doesn’t get eaten then I will use that cut up fruit in a smoothie or I will freeze it for a smoothie on another day.

This day they ate carrots, snap peas, dried blueberries, cucumber slices with homemade dressing, 2 olives, a Bubbies pickle, banana with sunbutter and drizzled chocolate and sprinkled with ground flax seeds

On another day they had cantaloupe, dried blueberries and dried coconut flakes,cucumber slices with dressing, apple slices and sunbutter, and a Bubbies pickle

We love our green juice too!!  This one is apples, spinach and limes!!

Another lunch example is kale salad, watermelon, carrots, sunbutter and homemade lemon slushies

I love to use neat containers to serve my kids food in.  It makes it fun for me and them!!  When I have 5 or 6 sections to fill up it forces me to think of ways to fill them.  Then my kids have a ton of choices to choose from. Our on the go lunches might look like this: carrots, sprouts, strawberries, mango, plum, apple slices, sunbutter and almond butter, and a vegan brownie

I love to use these plates because they are in the shape of a color wheel!!!! These are cool because each section comes out so if my kids don’t eat something I can just pick up that section and cover it and place it in the fridge.  Once dinner rolls around I can just pull it out and put it back on the tray.  It also makes it easy for my kids to trade!!  They can just pick up a section and trade for another!!

Here they had sugar peas, apple slices, tortilla chips, kiwi, mango, and sunbutter

Here they chose from banana slices, honeydew, homemade salsa, blue corn tortilla chips, cucumber, and pomegranate

I try to make sure that my kids have a ton of exposure to fruits (which are calorie dense) and most veggies.  There are times that I make something that doesn’t go over well, or that they just don’t eat.

What are some of your or your families favorite meals???

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29 thoughts on “What we’ve been eating lately……

  1. It’s so awesome what you’re doing – both in and out of the home. WTG! Your kiddies are so beautiful (their eyes just sparkle!) and love that they love kale salad and their green juices and smoothies. I’ve always wanted one of those containers with the individual sections. Fun and organized!

  2. I love this post! I can read all I want about what people eat, but somehow it really helps to SEE it. 🙂 The food looks great and I love how bright and vibrant your kids’ eyes are!

    You sell the round color wheel trays? How can I order one? Also, where did you find the stainless steel ones? I’ve been meaning to ask you that for the longest time!


  3. Thanks Denise!!
    Yes, I usually take them with me to my shows and sell them there..I have never shipped one before…not sure how much that would cost….
    The stainless steel ones I found at an Indian store by my house…they are actually indian spice containers!!!

  4. I feed my kids the same way. It is more about assembly than cooking. There are always fruits/veggies and a protein, although they eat grains, too. Hayden is a huge fruit and veggie fan, but my son is a bit pickier. At least he follows the rule of eating fruits and veggies at every meal. He’s more cooperative when I let him pick out the fruits and veggies. His favorites are broccoli, celery, carrots, apples, pears, banana, grapes, strawberries, pineapple and melon. On second thought, maybe he’s not that picky 🙂

  5. I really like this post! I love the “what we’re eating” posts, especially the kid ones. I know what you mean about filling section plates – a little too much fun for me, too. 🙂 Where did you get those stainless steel containers? Or do you remember what brand they are or anything?


  6. Very healthy and how wonderful that your kids eat that way willingly! My son used to love vegetables but now, says he “hates” them.

    I’m trying to add back fruit and veggies gradually so he won’t feel overwhelmed. Fruit is going well, but veggies has been harder!

  7. I just ordered one of those containers (the indian spice container) I think my son will love to novelty of eating out of something new, and I’m hoping that it helps me introduce a larger variety of foods to him. I also purchased some veggie cutters so I can make the veggies into cute shapes and hopefully entice him to eat more!

  8. Hi Samantha!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…it’s so nice seeing you again. 🙂

    KUDO’s on your meal selections, if only the school cafes
    looked this good…there would be A LOT more healthy
    kids in this country for sure.

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

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