Mommy Indulgences and Stylish Blogger Awards!!

Sometimes my life is like a whirlwind….it seems I am always busy.

You see, I have these 2 small people in my life that always seem to need something!!

It’s a good thing they’re cute!!! 🙂


I wouldn’t trade my life for any other…but it does get crazy busy most days!!

Once in awhile, I need a good indulgence……something easy, something sweet, something that feels like I’m indulging in something sinful……





Need I say more!!!

One of my favorite treats is a Matcha Latte!!

I use unsweetened coconut milk, *matcha tea, stevia, vanilla, and ice!!

Blend this up and enjoy!!!!

Sometimes I like to add in some protein powder too!!

*Matcha tea is a powder that is made from blended up green tea leaves-it boasts to be 10 times more potent than regular brewed green tea.  Matcha contains about 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice and 9 times the beta-carotene of spinach.

Here are some other things that it is good for:

  • – Raise your energy level for up to 8 hours with no negative side effects
  • – Induce a state of relaxation and calm mental alertness
  • – Boost metabolism by up to 40% in regular consumers and help control body weight
  • – Contain up to 137 times more of the potent antioxidant EGCG than steeped green tea
  • – Help regulate healthy blood sugar levels
  • – Support healthy cholesterol levels within a normal range
  • – Act as a strong blood detoxifier and alkalizer
  • – Support healthy teeth and gums

Yes, these are some of my mommy indulgences….


I always seem to have to share!!!  🙂

Also, recently I was awarded a Stylish Blogger Award from HiHoRosie-her blog is a personal journey in healthy living- Thanks Heidi!!!

Once you have been awarded this you must do the following:

1. Make a post that links back to the blogger who gave you the award.

2. Nominate ten more bloggers to receive the award and list them in your post along with links to their blogs.

3. Tell them they’ve received the award by posting a comment on their blog.

ALMOST VEGAN: Amber is a certified raw vegan chef and her blog has amazing recipes and pictures!!

BLYSSFUL HEALTH: Sasha’s blog is all about her journey to health and wellness through raw foods.

KISSES FROM A COCONUT: Kelly’s blog is a place where she  journals her experiences with a healthy lifestyle and all the adventures that take place along the way!

DOMESTIC DHARMA: Domestic Dharma is a blog I recently found and oddly enough I found out we are both Michigan bloggers! 🙂  She has great content and beautiful pics!!!

RAW TIDBITS: Kathy’s blog has wonderful recipes and offers some great inspirations!  She is also one of the mommies in my latest Ebook “Mommy Menus”.

RAWLEEN”S LIVING FOOD JOURNAL: Colleen’s blog also has wonderful recipes and photos!!  She is another mom featured in the Ebook “Mommy Menus”.

LIVING FOOD JUNKIE: Maggie’s blog is inspirational and she just recently started vlogging!!!  She is another mommy highlighted in the Ebook “Mommy Menus”.

HEALTHY HOGGIN’: Megan’s blog is a favorite pitstop for me when I have an afternoon to read blog posts!!  She is on a mission to prove that health can be indulgent and she is clearly doing that with her posts!!

GINGER IS THE NEW PINK: Lauren’s blog writes about her journey towards healing Crohn’s disease with a high raw diet.  This blog is dear to my heart because my husband battles Ulcerative Colitis and we are healing with high raw as well.

1 RAW GIRL: Margo’s blog was started to help her to stay on track with raw foods.  She is also a Mommy highlighted in the Ebook “Mommy Menus”.

Thanks for reading!!!  Hope you enjoyed!!!

Do you have any Mommy Indulgences????

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9 thoughts on “Mommy Indulgences and Stylish Blogger Awards!!

  1. Woohoo! Thanks so much for the award! 😀
    Sidenote: I have never had matcha tea, can you believe that? But your matcha latte sounds amazing! I’ve always balked at the price, but I may have to pick some up now.

    • The matcha tea is really expensive if you buy it from a company….I just found out that my health food store carries it in their bulk herb section and I can buy it so much cheaper!!!! Maybe check to see if your local health food store has it that way!!

    • I don’t know if all Matcha tea is sold loose or if some come in bags…..I would assume it is all sold the same. I would like to see the Matcha from Costco though!!

  2. Thanks so much for the award! That is great fun. I so love your post here about your favorite drinks. I do matcha tea quite a bit. I used to work in a health food store and it was very popular. You can buy the first harvest or the 2nd harvest which is cheaper.

    I love your frothy drink. It looks great. How do you froth yours?

    • Wow, I never knew about the first or second harvest….that’s a good thing to know!!!
      I just used my Vita Mix to get that drink frothy….I have also used a small whisk too!!

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