CSN Review!! Yogurt Maker and Spiral Slicer!!

A while back I was asked to do a review for CSN stores and I was able to order 2 really cool gadegts to add to my kitchen!!!

I am also in the process of doing another CSN store review so stay tuned!!










A yogurt maker and a spiral veggie slicer….I have been wanting to add these to my kitchen gadgets for awhile now!!

I really wanted a yogurt maker because my son is allergic to dairy…and I wanted to experiment on making my own dairy free yogurts using coconut milk and almond milk.






For my first batch I used coconut milk, coconut yogurt as a starter, maple syrup, and I added some probiotic powder as well.


My first batch tasted yummy but didn’t thicken up very well!!!  We didn’t eat it as yogurt but we used it as the base to some delicious smoothies!!!!!

I am working on my second batch right now…we will see if I can get it to thicken up this time around!!!

We also had lots of fun playing with our spiral veggie slicer!!!

We spiraled some zucchini into 3 different sizes with the 3 blades that came with it!!

It was so easy that my kids were doing it by themselves!!  Supervised of course!!


We tossed the zucchini in extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast, then we placed it all in the dehydrator to get crispy!!  MMMMM….. cheezy zucchini chips!!

Next, we tried an apple!!!

We placed them in a bowl, topped it with Sunbutter and dried coconut slices!!!


We love using these new gadgets and I would recommend these products to everyone!

I would love to know if you have either of these kitchen gadgets and what your opinion is of them!!!

Also, I would love to connect with you on my facebook page HERE.

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I also have a website www.ColorWheelMeals.com








12 thoughts on “CSN Review!! Yogurt Maker and Spiral Slicer!!

  1. OOo a yogurt maker! Yogurt is so yummy homemade and a lot cheaper for the amount you can make. Would love to hear how this kitchen gadget works out for you 🙂
    The sprial slicer looks awesome! Your kids look so cute and happy! My lil one loves using the apple peeler machine, I can’t imagine how he would react to the spiral slicer hehee!

    • Hi Maggie!! I am round 2 of the yogurt and so far I can’t get it to thicken up like yogurt….but it makes a great base for smoothies!!!!! The spiral slicer is super fun!!!!

  2. My son loves playing with our spiral slicer. He specially likes to spiralize apples. So fun.

    As for the yogurt, I’ve tried in the past to use a yogurt maker (a hand-me-down from my grandmother) to make dairy-free yogurts, but had the same runny results. Instead, I started making raw yogurts with thick nutmilks and/or young thai coconut. There are a ton of recipes for these online.

  3. Hi there, I continue to so enjoy your posts and just must comment on the spiral slicer. I have one, and now I’m inspired to use it on the bushels of zucchini we have every summer! And of course since I also blog for SunButter, I love your spiral apple sundae. Thanks for the inspiration and great review.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! We love SunButter as both of children are allergic to peanuts and some other nuts. Sunbutter has been a staple in our diets and we use it everyday!!!!

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