How I get my kids to eat Kale!!!

I love kale and so do my kids.

We grow it in the summer in our garden.

We buy it every time we go to the grocery store.

I would say that kale is a staple in our house.

My kids and I love to make kale salad and we also love to dehydrate our kale into crispy kale chips.  Kale is a wonderful green that is filled with vitamins and minerals.  Just 1 cup has loads of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Maganese, Calcium, Potassium, and iron just to name a few!!!

I love to use kale in my smoothies and juices, but another great way to eat kale is to make a kale salad!

We make a dressing out of apple cider vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, nutritional yeast, and dulse.  We never measure our ingredients-we just add ingredients and taste test until it is to our liking!!

We use tongs to mix it all up!!!

MMMMMMM………so good!!!!!

Even though we never measure when we make this favorite lunchtime salad-I forced myself to write out measurements for my latest Ebook where this recipe is featured!!

Sometimes….not often we have some left over and we place it into our dehydrator to make kale chips!!!

Then we can take our kale everywhere!!!

Kale lemonade for mom!!!!!  MMMMMMM… it~~~

Have you ever tried kale before??

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23 thoughts on “How I get my kids to eat Kale!!!

    • Thanks!! I just checked out your site and we have so many things in common and how we are using our businesses to encourage families to make healthier options!!! Love your site!! Kale lemonade is kale, lemons, and apples juiced!!! I add some stevia too!!!

  1. Yummy!!! I have had a serious kale addiction problem lately, I keep thinking I’m going to get sick of it, but not so far. I use it in my smoothies, kale chips a few times a week, and salads. I love getting the organic food boxes from the coop because they have the best kale. It’s really hard around here to find good organic kale at the grocery stores. But of course the best place is from the garden. Kale…drool….

  2. Just made Kale chips about a week ago for the first time. I loved them. I will have to try the apple cider on them. Love that your children eat the kale. My daughter eats a little bit but it has to be cooked.

  3. lol! KAAAALLLLLEEEEEEE! Yummers! The salads look fantastic and adding them to juices and smoothies is a bonus too. And you’re already aware of my weakness for cheesy kale chips… 🙂

  4. I love kale, Just bought a bunch from the grocery store. I made a grilled cheese sandwich with kale in it. Put it in raw before the sandwich was cooked and from the heat, it cooks and wilts down. The next time, though, I will chop it a bit before adding it.

    I have even taken leftovers, put kale or other raw greens in the bottom of the microwave plate, topped with the rest of the food and it’s amazing how quickly it cooks in such a short amount of time. Yummo. No boiling, braising, just kale in it’s glorious taste….chicory and red lettuce I have done the same.

    I am working on other ways to cook greens without boiling or braising them.

  5. It is “the trend” now, I think because raw fooders have made it such a staple. I WISH the government would subsidize kale instead of meat and cheese. It’s so awesome that it is such a rugged plant that will grow in most places year ’round.

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